Pickit announces a new integration with Google Workspace

We're thrilled to announce our brand new Google Workspace add-ons for Google Slides and Google Docs have now been released, as we continue to boost the compatibility of our products with some of the world's leading apps. We always have an integration for Google Drive in the pipeline, so watch this space. 

Read on to learn how to access the add-ons and use them to create stunning docs and presentations faster than ever.


Google Slides - Small

Whether your goal is to inspire, inform or persuade, Pickit is the easiest way to create spectacular decks that have a lasting impact. After installing the add-on, you'll also gain easy access to our Pickit Stock library of over a million licensed images. 

Much like our PowerPoint add-in, this new Google add-on means Pickit Enterprise users can also quickly and easily make visuals and brand assets available inside Google Slides for faster presentation-making across the organization.

02_Google Add-on - Slides

We know that finding the right and relevant company documents and images for your current project can be one of the biggest sticking points for any professional user. If you're not on top of your game, you can end up spending an awful lot of valuable time and effort searching for suitable content.

As a result, you or a member of your team could be tempted to rehashing previously used material, often containing outdated info and off-brand material. A familiar nightmare scenario, I know. Yet this big no-no is far more common than most of us think and is exactly the problem we strive to solve with our unique solution.

At Pickit, we want to assist you by giving you full control and a complete overview of what services are accessed and used by you and your team, directly within the Google Slides add-on.

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Google Docs small-1

Don’t settle for dull documents. Make your work matter by adding compelling imagery that will help visualize your information and help it stick, quickly and easily. Pickit Enterprise users can also help colleagues spice up their documents by putting the company's approved digital assets right at their fingertips in Google Docs.

Not ready to start an Enterprise trial yet? Individual users can also install the add-on and try our Pro service for access to our built-in library of a million photos, icons and modern clipart images in a click. So, don't just sit there and think, "next time I'll use better visuals". Start doing so today with Pickit!

04_Google Add-on - Docs

Do you ever wonder whether you currently have the best set of tools to help you and your team create inspirational and impactful content? Are you spending more and more time looking for images that, in the end, are not the ones approved by your marketing department? Then, we've got you covered, just read on!

It's simple to find content that makes a lasting impression when you use our Pickit Stock image collections, alongside your company-approved digital assets directly within the Google Docs add-on.

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Google Drive

Lastly, here's a sneak peek at our upcoming Google Drive integration that will allow you to sync, import and manage material stored in Drive right from the Pickit Content Administration tool. 

Google Drive 1

Like our existing integrations for Dropbox, Box, SharePoint and OneDrive, the impending release will mean Pickit users who prefer the Google ecosystem can experience the same level of synchronization and simplicity as those using Microsoft and other platforms. 


Got a Pickit Business or Enterprise license already?

Book a demo today and find out how to get the most out of your Google Workspace digital assets with Pickit.  



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