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A blog about saving the world from boring docs and presentations.

October 9, 2017 / Brad Hawkes

Why free clipart doesn't make me cringe anymore

Growing up, I was always into the visual arts. Inspired by surrealists, cartoonists, and graffiti artists, I doodled my way through high school, taking extracurricular art classes whenever I had the chance. 

This was before smartphone filters and Photoshop had turned every other office worker into a shake n' bake-style creative. The area of the arts was reserved for the Cure-loving goths down the back of the schoolyard. And the hazy-eyed hippies with their handpainted schoolbags and tie-dye Hendrix shirts. The closest I ever came to digital art was when I was handed a school bulletin covered in ClipArt. 

And it made me cringe. 


September 27, 2017 / Brad Hawkes

Pickit Wins Office App Award for 3rd Year in a Row

Forgive us for being self-indulgent, but we're pretty thrilled to hear the Pickit app has won another award this year at the Office APP Awards. The announcement was made at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, and this time we took home an award in the category Best Overall App


September 13, 2017 / Anneli L. Tostar

How free clipart images and photos can help you keep your job

For those of you reading this article because of the title, apologies for the click-bait. But wait! I promise I’m not exaggerating too much.

It’s no secret that the world is changing, and that with that comes the working world. In addition to being more global, more visual, and more allergen-free, most offices are starting to become more efficient, often at the cost of human jobs. Automation can make businesses run more smoothly, but can also mean that you’re at risk of being replaced by an algorithm.


So how do you make yourself irreplaceable?

September 5, 2017 / Anneli L. Tostar

Using images to get different cultures on the same page at work

There’s a lot of buzz around “work culture” these days, and it’s obvious that the behaviors, practices, and attitudes in your workplace shape your experience and the kind of work you produce. This can be a tricky thing to manage and cultivate, but becomes even more complicated when you have people from very different backgrounds in the same environment. Navigating language is one thing. Navigating work styles is another.

In this piece we give you some pointers for where you might come across cultural friction, and how to navigate this and communicate clearly using images.


August 30, 2017 / Anneli L. Tostar

How can free stock images improve an office environment?

It’s no secret that our environments affect how well we work—the visual world matters, and lots of companies spend loads of money trying to crack the code on making their offices people-friendly. Still, there’s little evidence to show that an open floor plan is better than cubicles, or that beanbag chairs stimulate creative thinking.


August 24, 2017 / Robert Dysell

Pickit Featured at DECODED Premiere in San Francisco

Tonight Pickit's Co-CEO and founder, Mathias Björkholm, hit the red carpet at the Launch Party of Season 2 of the DECODED Show. Held at Z Space in San Francisco, the premiere gave guests a glimpse of upcoming episodes of the popular web series, where Pickit is featured. 

DECODED is an unorthodox show–led by Microsoft Chief Geek John Shewchuk and Executive David Mendlen–that aims to pick the brains of the world’s best software engineers and share developer best practices. 

See the Season 2 trailer here


August 23, 2017 / Anneli L. Tostar

How to communicate clearly with customers and make your work matter

There's absolutely nothing worse than having your time wasted. With so few hours in the day and so few days in the week, it can feel like you never have time to get things done. Which is why it can be discouraging and frustrating if your nine-to-five feels like it isn’t even making a difference.


August 14, 2017 / Anneli L. Tostar

Field Guide to the Modern Office: How to Communicate Clearly with 6 Creatures You'll Meet

Business jargon, outdated fax machines—the modern office can be a complicated place to navigate. Luckily, you’ve got an anthropologist to give you a field guide to the six coworkers you’re most likely to spot around the water cooler. So if you’re finding yourself stumped trying to communicate clearly with the various species you encounter in ‘the wild’ (a.k.a. the cafeteria), we’re here to help.


August 8, 2017 / Anneli L. Tostar

How to improve teamwork with images

Picture yourself in an office. (Which, if you’re reading this at work, shouldn’t be too difficult.) You’re working on a shared document and adding to each other’s comments, but when it’s time to hand it in to the boss you realize your coworker Joel didn’t contribute. Of course, he mentioned a few ideas during the meeting when your manager was in the room, but did no legwork behind the scenes. You’re left feeling frustrated and risk sounding petty if you complain to your boss.

Unfortunately, most of us can probably think of at least one coworker who doesn’t pull his or her weight on team projects. Worse still, we may find ourselves not pulling our own weight, even when we know we can.

What’s up with that? Why is it so easy to drop the ball? And how can we make teamwork work?


July 27, 2017 / Anneli L. Tostar

Why even "non-creative” people need to use quality presentation images

It’s no secret that design matters. By now–thanks to companies like Pixar, Google and Apple–consumers have realized that the devil is in the details, and small tweaks to the look and feel of products can make a big difference. But many people don’t realize that design affects every aspect of our lives—everything from your workplace to your Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. In the same way you notice when stairs feel too far apart, everyone (even non-designer types) notices when sentences are too long and words start to blur together.




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