How to optimize your DAM using data

We all know that the age of making decisions based solely on gut instinct in the hope it pays off is well and truly over. I mean, imagine building a website without analytics or spending money on ads without analyzing their performance!

The data-driven approach is here to stay, and while there's a case for some good old educated guesswork and intuition from time to time, modern-day marketers all know that every decision needs to be backed by as much reliable data as possible.

Oddly, a lot of people in the industry who harness a wealth of analytics to track the performance of emails, landing pages, social media posts, webinars, and more don't realize they can apply the same approach to the digital assets themselves, or the systems they use to manage them.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using analytics even for DAM too:

Know what keywords people are searching for
Stay on top of what topics and terms are trending
Understand what kinds of content are missing from your library
Make informed decisions when spending on sourcing new assets
So, the first step is to make sure you've got the technology and data you need to track your digital assets. Then, as with many other aspects in life, it's what you actually do with it that counts. Data, I mean.

Did you know that up to 70% of digital assets are either underused or not used at all? Some of the most common causes we come across are:
Decentralized storage
Disorganized assets
Distribution issues

This results in most content creation being a total waste of time (70% to be exact), much to the frustration of marketers the world over. That's why we've worked hard to develop a solution that provides every organization with the dream tool to level up as Content Creators and Marketing Strategists.



Want to see up to a 500% increase in brand asset usage?





Introducing Pickit Insights™, probably the simplest, yet smartest, analytics tool for a Digital Asset Management system. Designed for the marketer of tomorrow, it enables you to increase your brand intelligence and brand assets usage by accurately tracking search terms, results, and downloads with actionable analytics from our unique Pickit Insights™ dashboard. Understand asset performance, popular search terms, and discover missing content with our unique word cloud. 


How does it work?

Once signed in, you'll see the public-facing view of the DAM that end-users will also have access to. From here, only administrators can see the option in the top left corner to select the Content Administration view. 

At the home page for Content Administration, you can see a list of the core features, including Insights™.


What does Pickit Insightsinclude?


Search data


We gather data from the usage of your brand assets from Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and from the web. In the Searches view, you can see a word cloud that utilizes text size and color to display search activity indicate how your asset library is performing based on the searched keywords.  

You can hover over a word to see the exact number of images it returns. The larger the word, the more times it's been searched. Green words generate more than 25 results, yellow – between one and 25 images, and red words don't generate any results.

In the top right corner, you'll see a toggle prompting you to display statistics for either the last week or month. Here you can also toggle between activity made in your Company Images vs. Pickit Stock™ section. 

You can use the Searches data to better understand how people search for images and identify areas of improvement. For example, are images tagged with the right words? Do people understand what words they should be searching for to find images? Are you lacking any content altogether? 


Top Lists


In the Top Lists view, you can see your most and least-used images and collections, as well as update their metadata.

You can choose to sort your most-used and least-used collections based on views, the average number of inserts per view, or when they were last updated.

In the top right corner, you'll see a toggle prompting you to display statistics for either the last week or month. Here you can also toggle between activity made in your Company Images vs. Pickit Stock™ section for most-used Images and Collections. Data about the Least used images and collections is only available for Company Images

You can use the Top Lists data to better understand how people are interacting with your collections and identify areas of improvement. For example, are certain collections performing better than others because of their placement in the asset library; like a Hero or Featured Collection? 


Why Pickit Insights™?

With Insights™, you'll always have one of your top Marketing Strategists is always right at your fingertips. It provides a comprehensive, yet intuitive, analysis of your assets' usage, painting a crystal-clear picture of current trends and helping you predict your future needs, providing you with invaluable information that will enable you to know which brand assets to invest in, take the guess work out of creating and sourcing brand assets and allowing you to know what types of content will be successful.

With Pickit, you can: 

Easily promote content with featured collections and distribute them to improve browsing and visibility, effectively highlighting featured content and promoting new material to boost usage.

Greatly increase brand intelligence by quickly understanding your asset usage and specific needs, optimizing them with actionable analytics from our unique Pickit Insights™ dashboard.

Access data about downloads, inserts, searches and more, so you always know which content is working and what's missing.


Schedule a demo and increase your brand asset

usage by up to 500% today!




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