Why try Pickit instead of regular Digital Asset Management software?

At Pickit we don't just settle for a solid system, like regular digital asset management software, we also prepopulate it with quality content. It's this combination and our commitment to do things differently that make us unique. And it's why we created the world's first plug & play image service, Pickit Enterprise.

Here are five reasons we think our approach makes Pickit Enterprise stand out from the crowd:


1. We help you focus on genuine creativity, not just boring systems

Most DAMs are all about the system - structure, folders, hierarchy, blah, blah, blah.  Yet, a great system for storing photos and images means nothing without great content to store in it. A regular DAM system might be a snazzy piece of software for managing files. The difference is, Pickit Enterprise also keeps your artistic waters high enough to make sure the creative river never runs dry.


2. Our Photo Missions put you in control of creating custom content

Pickit Enterprise is all about helping your harness the Power of Pictures, and that means getting exactly the shot you want. When you have a unique project, simply commission a unique photo with the ease of searching for a regular stock image. We're big fans of crowdsourcing, and we love letting you leverage a community of global photographers to create something new. Whenever you need. Say adios! to average and bring on the bold, vibrant visual statements your company deserves.


3. We passionately believe in rewarding photographers

DAM is about acknowledging the value of your visual content to your business - hence the use of the term “asset”. This means the people taking the photos are valuable to your business too. Stock photos have unfortunately become shorthand for cheap and disposable, for something mediocre. Pickit understand that photos have inherent value, and to create this value takes time, dedication and talent. We encourage and develop our community of photographers, ensuring they get fairly paid so they can continue to offer you more great creative value.


4. We don’t settle for second-rate snaps

Some regular DAMs will save you time, by helping you source images quickly. Some regular DAMs save money by finding photos at a consistent pricing model. But none of this is a guarantee of anything more than average results. We scour the length and breadth of the Internet to discover only the very best stock photos for the Pickit Photo Market so that you don’t have to. We save you time; we save you money, and we do it by emphasizing incredible images, every single time.


5. Our Microsoft integration puts us at the heart of the tools you already use

It used to be Clipart, but presentations have evolved. Not only is Pickit a damn good DAM system that'll benefit your business processes, but it's also the next generation of presentation tools as well. We’re the only image sourcing service integrated with Microsoft Office. That means we’re already in the tools you use every day, like Word or Office Sway. It’s never been easier to insert high impact visuals into your presentations or reports and other documents. Seamlessly search and select images from inside the file you’re working on. The service is also available as an app on any Windows 10 device.



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