We got prettier: Welcome to the new Pickit homepage

If you are a regular Pickit user, you might have noticed the changes we introduced to our webpage earlier this week. Our shining new Pickit homepage gives a new, fresh look to our website and makes the Pickit experience more enjoyable than ever before. For a long while we have been listening to our community's feedback, curating it, evaluating and trying to undestand what our fellow visitors would like to see at a glance when opening Pickit. This week we launched our new front page design based around your wishes.


So what's new? The first thing we learned is that most people who come to our service want to search our image bank, so we made the search bar the focus of the page. Now you can search through thousands of images from talented photographers around the world without the need to navigate anywhere, and enjoy a nice showcase of beautiful photos by our community while you are shaping your search.


PicHit - free photos for commercial use


Even if you don't quite know what you are looking for yet, you can always browse our categories for inspiration. Our Featured categories that we will regularly update suggest trendy topics that you can look into - who knows, maybe that one image you need to illustrate your story is hiding right there!

PicHit - free photos for commercial use


The full list of our 30 categories guarantees a wide variety of easy to find, legally cleared photos to fit any need - now one click away. No matter whether you are creating a PowerPoint presentation for a business client, a website for food recipes or just want a new cool background for your PC, we have everything from Animals & Pets to UFOs & Aliens!


PicHit - fre photos for commercial use


This is only the beginning of the new Pickit experience we are aiming towards. More design improvements and exciting surprises for you are in the making. All of these efforts are based around the goal to create a better Pickit for our dedicated community as we are fixing the broken global photo market together.


How do you like our new makeover? Do you have any feedback or suggestions? What is the next thing you would like to see updated on our website? Let us know in the comments below.


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