Tips and tactics for succeeding as a corporate creative

Corporate creative. How often have you heard those words in the same sentence? Our guess is hardly ever or never. This is a shame, because not only can creativity and business live in harmony—it’s essential that they do. So what can you do to bring that creative edge back to your brand?


1. Build diverse teams

Creativity comes naturally when you have a diverse team. When brought together, different experiences, skillsets, and worldviews can combine to create a melting pot of good ideas. So at the recruiting stage, make sure you add some variation when putting together your team. Don’t just ask yourself whether a person is a good fit, but also whether they’ll bring something new to your business.


And remember: while having a diverse team is essential, it’s just as important to make sure everybody’s working towards the same goal (so keep those heated debates outside the boardroom).


Build diverse teams



2. Be curious

As kids, we thrive on curiosity. So why do we lose it as soon as we enter the corporate world? Curiosity is a powerful thing in business—it drives us to find new solutions, take new risks, and explore new avenues.


So create an environment that celebrates inquisitiveness. Whether it’s taking an hour a week to brainstorm new ideas with your team, or even organizing cultural trips to museums or galleries, remember that curiosity always generates creativity.



3. Reduce time pressure

Nothing stifles creativity quite like a looming deadline. After all, innovation doesn’t just appear on-demand. So instead of asking your team to come up with amazing ideas at the click of your fingers, why not give them some more breathing space?


Start by giving everyone a heads-up on any looming project as early in advance as possible. Then try incorporating creativity techniques like brainstorming or mind mapping into the creative process. But don’t expect instant magic. The best ideas can take a while to percolate, so make sure you leave plenty of time to get those cogs turning.


Reduce time pressure



4. Be flexible

You know what they say: the best ideas come to us in the shower. And believe it or not, there may be some evidence to back the saying up.  Dopamine—a neurotransmitter that controls the brain reward and pleasure centers—can massively boost creativity, and it’s released when we’re relaxed and happy.


To create your own dopamine moments, try offering flexible work options. This could mean allowing employees to work from home more often, or even taking a more relaxed approach to working hours. As long as you’re clear about targets, giving your team more autonomy could result in a massive boost in creativity.



5. Learn from your mistakes

Being a risk-taker is a natural part of embracing creativity. Sure, not every idea is going to be a winner, but stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to stay innovative.


And what happens when it doesn’t work out? Well, the best creatives know how to learn from their mistakes. Instead of worrying about what went wrong, they bring together the team, look at their strategy, and create a new game plan.




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