3 tips for creating a quality company image bank

Setting up your company's image bank can be a pretty daunting task, and getting people to use thing is often equally difficult. In this post, we decided to do things a little differently and jump on a Microsoft Teams call with Jules, Pickit's VP of Customer Success, to get her three top tips. Watch the video to hear what she normally says to customers using Pickit to create an image library for the first time, or get a quick overview below. 



1. Organize your content in inspiring collections

Nobody gets inspired by scrolling through a list of files in a folder, but by organizing your content in curated collections with different themes, your image bank will really come to life. While a folder system might allow you to stay organized, and even name groups of images based on type or context, using collections enables you to give your colleagues a quick, visually appealing overview of all the most important content in your library. 

Learn more in our Pickit User Guide


2. Make sure you have content that works with your company template 

If you corporate template includes seven different slide types, why not create seven matching collections with images that are suitable for those particular slide designs? Saving people having to search for intro slides, background slides or product shots makes life a whole lot easier, and significantly reduces their presentation-making time. Give it a try! 


3. Track popularity and performance with analytics

So many times, content creators and marketing managers spend countless hours and dollars on sourcing top notch content that's both compliant and on brand. The downside is that often these assets are dramatically underused. By tracking how many times an asset is inserted or downloaded, what people across the company are searching for, and even whether or not your library is providing enough search results, you can make sure your image bank is optimized with all the right content. 




Who wrote this?  

This was posted by Brad Hawkes, our Director of Marketing here at Pickit. He's not a professor of rhetoric and he's never given a TED Talk. He has, however, clocked up over 1000 presentations, seminars and talks over the last 15 years, picking up a few ideas along the way. He once spoke to a crowd of 5000, but mostly he's spoken to crowds of 5, and he's always looking for simpler, clearer ways to say things and get a message across. He also makes a fine cup of coffee.


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