The power of pictures: The Pickit integration for Microsoft Office

What happens when you combine a Scandinavian eye for beautiful aesthetics with one of the biggest technology companies in the known universe? Why, it’s Pickit’s ground-breaking integration with Microsoft, of course!

Microsoft Office previously relied on ClipArt to give users options for adding visual elements to their Word files and PowerPoints. However, ClipArt was retired back in 2014, and it’s now been replaced by an entirely new concept for adding pictures, photos and other images to your documents.

We’re here to give you the scoop on everything Pickit + Microsoft, and how it can help add a whole new color scheme to your life - and your work.

  • Pickit is what’s known as an ‘Aggregated Image Bank’.

Catchy, right? But what this really means is that we collect the very best images from the leading online stock image banks, alongside submissions from photographers from all over the world. This means we’re a one-stop shop for you to find all the visual content you’ll ever need.



  • Together, Pickit and Microsoft are bringing the power of pictures to the people!

More than 1.2 billion people use MS Office around the globe. So now huge numbers of people and businesses can start using the new generation of stock images to transform their visual work. Together we can all raise the visual bar.

  • Beautiful photos, icons and images. Always.

We have reinvented the meaning of stock images. Stock photography used to be cliched and uninspiring, or expensive and hard to find. We source only the very best photos from around the internet so you don’t have to, for more expressive, stylish images.

  • Our crowdsourcing model allows us to offer exciting and original content from more than 10,000 photographers and counting.

Use our unique Photo Missions service when you can’t quite find the perfect picture. Or just fancy something totally original. Put our trusty community of photographers to work to take brand new, never-been-seen before shot, just for you. And as our community of users grows, so does the variety and choice.


  • Our platform supports ethical working practises for all.

Currently, around 85% of images used in presentations are stolen. This may not seem like a big deal to the average person, but it means the owner of the work is not compensated, despite their work being used far and wide. And if you do it, you’re opening yourself up to potential legal headaches for violating copyright permissions. This is especially important in the workplace if you’re managing a large volume of content being created and published.

But our integration with Microsoft will see 60% of all revenues go directly back to the photographers on the platform. This means bringing a cost-effective way to find high quality images to masses, at the same time as making sure the photographers who make it all possible get both rewards and exposure. You can’t say fairer than that.

  • Our Microsoft integration makes Pickit an ideal addition to your Office toolbox.

Microsoft has included Pickit into the Office suite, along with Sway and Windows 10 devices. Your teams can now find the perfect picture without having to leave the Word or PowerPoint file they’re working on. No more time wasted getting lost in image searches on Google, then fiddling around trying to insert photos in the right format. Select the images you want and add them to the document. Fast, easy, and legal. Pickit Enterprise gives professional teams even more options, helping you to store and collaborate on all your visual content.

Microsoft and Pickit want to change how 1.2 billion people find and use images everyday. Together, we can all enjoy more powerful pictures.   




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