The business impact of bad presentations and how to stop it

This is a pre-recorded Pickit webinar hosted by Brad Hawkes & Rob Dysell

PowerPoints & presentations
 are everywhere, every day. Yet most people never get the proper training to help them make impactful presentations that inspire, inform and get their ideas across in an effective way. 

In fact, the average employee spends 20 hours a month searching for images and creating slide decks, costing their company precious time and money. We can help cut that to just 5 hours. 

At the webinar, you'll learn: 

  • how bad presentations are costing your business
  • how time-saving tools can save you money
  • PowerPoint hacks to give you an edge at work
  • how to make more impactful slide decks 
  • where to source the best images

So, if you and your coworkers want to save time, stop creating boring presentations, and make a bigger impact at work, this webinar is for you.



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