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Jullietta Stoencheva

The biggest DAM challenges in 2017 and how to solve them

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At Pickit, we're big fans of anything that has to do with collecting great imagery, and Digital Asset Management systems are no exception. A DAM system allows organizations to store, sort, manage, access, and distribute a large number of digital assets. They make it easy for marketing managers to keep track of everything from graphics to video clips, as well as the digital rights and permissions that go with them.

However, despite their good intentions, they also present a few challenges. A solid system has the potential to be a lifesaver, but handled wrongly, they can also cause a nasty headache or two. That’s why your organization should be prepared to deal with any challenges your DAM throws at you. After all, preparation is everything.



The Biggest Challenges And Solutions

Which assets should I store?

The biggest DAM challenges In 2017 – and how to solve them_1.jpg


Answer: There’s no straightforward answer here. It all boils down to what’s important for your business. Maybe you rely heavily on being able to share images, or perhaps audio and video files are your most important assets.

The key decider is whether or not you regularly share these types of content with others. If the answer is yes, it’s worth storing them in your DAM system.

But that’s not to say that anything goes. Make sure you lay some ground rules for what goes and what doesn’t. That way you can be sure that nothing purely confidential will find its way onto the system.



How much should I store?

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Answer: Most of us are hoarders in one way or another. Especially when it comes to digital assets. But however much we convince ourselves otherwise, the cloud doesn’t offer unlimited storage. Ok, so it can–but it’ll cost you.

The more storage you need, the higher the cost for your business. So figure out exactly what type of DAM you’ll need, and how much storage to invest in. And don’t forget to shop around for the best deal.



How should I organize my assets?

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Answer: To have any hope of keeping things organized, you need to keep control of access. So clearly define roles and think long and hard before granting permissions. It might seem a little OTT, but remember—there’s a lot at stake.

Speaking of which, it’s essential you train your team on how to use the DAM system effectively. Things like using the right keywords and taking advantage of those keywords can save them (and you) a huge amount of time.



How am I supposed to find the time to do all of this?

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Answer: Being a DAM gatekeeper is no easy task. There’ll be emails to answer, files to manage, and problems to resolve. So keeping on top of everything requires savvy time management.

Luckily there are tools out there to help, with many systems offering management features to make your job easier. And remember: while DAMs may require a bit of organization, they’ll save you a whole load of time in the long run.