New Release: Share your company templates and documents using Pickit 

Our aim has always been to make it easier for Office users to access everything they need in one place, inside the programs they're already using. The Pickit platform has made that possible, helping companies all over the globe distribute their images and help employees stay on brand. We’re expanding our offer by introducing the same capability for templates and documents. 

Documents Management in Pickit 

You can now store, share and distribute your PowerPoint, Word and PDF templates and documents using Pickit. With the help of this new feature, we enable companies to distribute their presentations, documents and other important files right inside Office.   

If you're an Admin, you can now easily upload files via the Admin panel. Once a document is uploaded, you can make changes to it, add new versions, and adjust it. 

If you have many documents you want to sort, you can add them to document collections at the click of a button. Each collection gets its own unique name and thumbnail, and you can always edit any attribute of a collection and where it's shared.



We’ve also created an easy, user-friendly visual interface for sorting your documents, so you can add files with a simple drag and drop. You can share a single document or a collection of documents to your entire organization, a team or individual, or you can choose to just keep it to yourself. Once you've added a document and shared it with your colleagues, they'll be able to access it via our Office add-ins and on the web. You can preview your add-in and webpage view right inside the Admin panel to make sure it looks visually appealing and inspiring. 

The feature is an invite-only beta for the first month, but if your company wants early access to try it now, just register via the button below. 




In addition to this major feature, we’ve also baked in a few other improvements to the image bank section. Keep on reading to discover what’s new. 


new overview of your image licenses 

We’ve improved our Insights Dashboard to include information about the status of your image licenses. Next time you access Insights, you’ll notice a new table where you can get an easy overview of all images in your image bank and their respective license. We’ve also added charts to quickly get a status report of all licenses and how they’re distributed, as well as easily identify images without any license information. 

Learn more in our Pickit User Guide


Share Public Collections 

You can now share our collections of Public Images with anyone in- or outside the Pickit environment. So go ahead and just copy-paste the link in your browser to share your favorite collections with friends and colleagues. 

Please note that this feature doesn't work with company collections.  


Introducing: Pickit Starter

We love how many of you find Pickit useful in your daily work, and how well-received our offer for an extended trial in light of COVID-19 was. But we also understand that people’s economy is challenged considering the current events, and that not everyone can afford to become a paid subscriber. At Pickit, we want to be there for you and help make your presentations better, so starting on May 1we’ve introduced a new plan called Pickit Starter. With Starter, individual users can download or insert up to 5 images each month free of charge. The count will reset with every new month, so you can come back and restock with impactful visual assets, even if your financial situation doesn’t currently allow for a Pickit Pro subscription.  


Watch our demo and Q&A session

Interested in learning more about the new features in this update? Watch the live demo and Q&A session with our VP of Customer Success, Jullietta Stoencheva, and our Tech Lead, Jacob Johansson. Jullietta showcases the newest features and shares tips and best practices on sharing your company templates and documents, and Jacob explains the latest technology we use at Pickit and answers technical questions.


Watch the full webinar below 


Interested in trying out Documents for your organization? Opt in for the invite-only beta or book a demo today. 




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