A disclaimer about the Pickit mobile apps

It's been all hands on deck here at the Pickit HQ, and we're excited to announce that in the coming weeks, we'll be introducing some great new features to the Pickit platform. Our team is doing everything possible to make sure that your photography talent is making people’s work matter. 

While this is good news for most Pickit products, we've been left with little time to give our iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps the love they deserve. Sometimes opening new doors means closing some old ones. 

Because we’ve promised to hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality, we've made the hard decision to take down our mobile apps temporarily. There's so much about them that we love, and it’s hard to say goodbye, but we're convinced that the change will result in making the Pickit service better. 

Effective today, September 23rd, the service and support for our mobile apps will end, and they'll be removed from all app stores. While the apps are no longer available, you can still upload and share your mobile photos to Pickit from your mobile browser. Windows 10 Mobile users can also keep uploading using the Pickit Photo Finder app.

At Pickit, we always want to provide the best possible service for our users, and that sometimes means we need to take a break and focus elsewhere. We trust you'll understand. We'll get back to our mobile apps when we're sure we can deliver the best experience for all of you who keep supporting our journey with your scintillating imagery.




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