Pickit integrates with Microsoft to help users replace clipart

Swedish aggregated image bank Pickit (pickit.com) is integrating with Microsoft Corp. to offer customers a better and faster image browsing experience. With this integration, Pickit will help customers access a crowdsourced collection of thousands of free high-quality and content-related images for use in presentations, blog posts, and more.


Pickit is available as an add-in within Microsoft PowerPoint, and otherMicrosoft Office applications including Microsoft Word and Office Sway, and also as an app on any Windows 10 device. The platform gathers high-quality images from professional image banks and its community of tens of thousands of photographers, making them available in a centralised market place, ensuring all images have legal clearance for publishing.


Microsoft customers benefit from being able to find shots that possess an individuality and creativity not found in standard stock images; adding genuine authenticity to their work. People who can’t find a particular image can send a ‘Photo Mission’ request to Pickit’s community of photographers, who are briefed on the exact needs of the user, and can submit their work in response. Anyone can upload content onto the Pickit platform, regardless of their photographic experience.


It is estimated that 85% of all pictures used in presentations are stolen from the internet, meaning that the photographers who own the images receive neither recognition nor financial remuneration. Pickit solves this issue by aggregating from leading stock image providers, providing a platform for any photographer in the world to showcase their creative work by opening up what is perhaps the biggest photo market in the world - Microsoft Office and its 1.2 billion users, as well as Windows.



Henrik Bergqvist, CEO and Co-Founder of Pickit, comments:

“Pickit will take the role of the leading image provider within both Windows and Microsoft Office applications, opening up the world’s largest photo market of 1.2 billion customers, all of whom are in need of images. Pickit makes the sourcing of presentation images easier, faster and more inspiring. Rather than trawling search engines for photos where the original owner never gets credited or paid for their image, Pickit offers a genuine alternative that rewards photographers for their creative efforts.”

Rob Howard, director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft adds:

“With its integration into Office, Pickit is supplying customers with quality images from directly within the Office applications they use every day, across a variety of platforms.”


Pickit will soon be launching an enterprise version, called Enterprise Image Bank, in which people can create corporate or private image banks, and collaborate and share pictures within teams.


The Pickit Community 

While people do not have to contribute images in order to use content from the Pickit database, the platform offers photographers an effective way to earn money and share photographs with a global audience. 60% of Pickit’s revenues going back to the photographers or the community of active members. Revenue is also shared with the image providers that Pickit aggregates from.




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