Pickit: In Our Own Words Part 2: Mathias

So here it is, part two of getting up close with Pickit. In this blog series, our team talks about the service in their own words. Next up in the hot seat is the magnificent Mathias.

About Mathias - Founder and Co-CEO

Mathias' job involves retelling the Pickit story to new audiences every day, and he knows that often images speak louder than words. He's perpetually presenting, and spending hours finding photos for his PowerPoints drives him crazy.

With his Scandinavian background, he could easily be mistaken for a detective from a Nordic Noir thriller on Netflix. However, he far prefers solving people’s need for thrilling images than improbable crimes under the midnight sun. He's a big fan of funny fail videos on YouTube, but is far too busy to watch them at the office, of course.


Good day to you Mathias! Could you start by giving us your introduction to Pickit Enterprise?

Of course! We developed the service to make it simpler for people to collaborate and deliver their visual projects to achieve success. You shouldn’t have to spend hours searching for pictures every time you present. For me, it’s about being productive. Achieving more in less time, and keeping my focus where it should be.


Can you explain how Pickit helps you working at a startup? 

Sure. It saves me a lot of headaches and simplifies my tasks. Like a lot of people, I have to create loads of presentations for work. And whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketing manager or CEO, you’re always eager to deliver the ultimate solution to your customer. That means spending time tailoring the pitch. Every presentation brings with it pressure, and they just keep coming. I have moments where I think “Crap, this is the time when I have to create another presentation. But it’s not just another one. It’s the one”. For me, creating presentations and other sales materials that matter is crucial. I can’t just offer up the ‘standard’ presentation. Pickit lets me source great images for my presentation so much faster.


So it helps you stay creative while making sure you still meet your deadlines?

Exactly! When I’m trying to create the pitch, of course, it can be stressful. Not only do I have to find the words, but I also need to get the layout right. Personally, I hate the layout part. I just can’t get it together. I end up searching for a photo for hours and before you know it, I end up in a YouTube rabbit hole watching stupid fail clips again.

But with Pickit, I know it's dead easy to spice up my presentations with pictures that pack a visual punch. In PowerPoint, it can take me less than a minute per slide to get my layout right, and sourcing the images is easier than ever. In my role, I need to be creative, but I also have to be productive.


Is there anything else it helps you with?

For sure. I know my content is licensed for use. Most people forget about copyright or think it’s not important. I can’t afford to do that as so many people see my work. I can also get inspiration from Pickit's collections and collections created by my coworkers, with ready-to-go, curated folders to browse. Or my colleagues can think “oh, there’s the photo I saw the other day in Mathias’ presentation. Now I can use it too”. And everyone always knows it's all royalty free. With Pickit Enterprise I don’t need to deviate from my task.



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