Pickit: In our own words Part 1: Jullietta

At Pickit we think that everyone should be able to access the images they need. But we also believe in personal pictures. That means that whatever you’re looking for in your next image, you can use Pickit to find the perfect picture just for you. With that in mind, we want to offer you some personal insight on what our team love about Pickit. In this first post we asked our rising star and Social Media Manager, Jullietta Stoencheva, to give us her take on the Power of Pictures using Pickit.

About Jullietta - Social Media, Marketing & PR:

She hails from Bulgaria and lived all over Europe before landing in the picturesque offices of Pickit in Visby, Sweden. She speaks three languages and is devoted to all things social. She hates it when people use boring stock photos and is on a mission to share inspiring images with the world.

So, Julietta, can you explain what Pickit Enterprise is for those people new to it?

Yes, sure! Well Pickit Enterprise is what’s called a DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform. Here a company can share digital files (like photos) across teams and coworkers can collaborate. These files are called assets to recognise their true value to the company that own them. Pickit Enterprise provides an opportunity for teams to get really creative with images, to source fantastic photos for various purposes, and manage their own assets in a structured, convenient way. They can also contribute to their team's creativity with their own licensed collections of useful photos.




Great! Could you describe your favourite part of using Pickit?

As a social media manager, I’m always on the lookout for interesting or illuminating images that will capture the imagination of the audience to help me perform my job. With Pickit I have the ability to browse thousands of super creative pictures from people all over the world. Not only that, but I can then sort them into thematic collections, which is vital in helping me keep track because I use so many files.

Can you explain then, how you think Pickit Enterprise can benefit small businesses?

I think it’s very useful for businesses who understand the importance of visual branding, but don’t necessarily have routines in place to generate consistent results. Pickit Enterprise bring structure to a business' assets without limiting the workers' creativity–something that's critical to maintain in a small business.

It's so simple and fun to use and you easily get an overview of the images your company is using, and what types of images your people need more of. It's a very efficient way to source unique content and engage a community without involving complicated marketing campaigns. The opportunity to upload your own licensed images is a guaranteed money saver for a small business. Pickit is also extremely budget-friendly - the combination of a DAM tool with access to thousands of authentic, user-generated images is pretty unique. And these types of images have been shown to perform much better in marketing campaigns and social media nowadays compared to cliched and expensive traditional stock photos.




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