Product update: Pickit Academy, Microsoft Teams and more

Happy holidays! Here comes the last batch of exciting news for this decade, including Pickit Academy, Pickit for Teams and more. Read on to find out what's new.


Say hello to Pickit Academy 

It’s the season of giving, so in the last Pickit update of this decade we’ve created a place to share our industry knowledge with you and advance your presentation skills. Say hello to Pickit Academy! 

The Academy will live under a tab in our PowerPoint add-in and will be a place where we regularly share tips, tricks and advice to help make you a better presenter. If you have questions or want to go deeper, you’ll also be able to sign up for one of our weekly webinars directly from the Academy. 

The first three lessons are already up, so go ahead and check them out now!


Pickit Business in Microsoft Teams 

Do you use Microsoft Teams to collaborate with your colleagues? Now you can access your company image bank right inside Teams! Just go to the “Apps” view in the bottom left, search for “Pickit” and you can add your Pickit image bank to any team.  

Office 365 admins can also centrally deploy the image bank to the left-side menu of Teams for the entire company in just a couple of clicks. Read more about centrally deploying Pickit in Teams and manage app setup here. If you’d like to customize the text and icon of your centrally deployed image bank, contact us and we’d love to help. 

We’ve started rolling out the app to the Teams Store today.  


Improvements to the Content Administration page 

We’ve also worked on bug fixes and improvements to the Content Administration page. Some of the new features include: 

  • Starting today, admins with Approval Rights will receive an email notification when there are pending images to approve.  
  • The Image Description field now allows multiple rows to fit more information. 
  • The filename of an image is now visible in its entirety. 


You’re always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or would like a walkthrough of the newest features. Chat with us or book a time with a Pickit specialist here. 


With this, the whole team here at Pickit wants to wish you happy holidays! Thanks for an exciting 2019, we can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring and we’re looking forward to embracing it all with you by our side. 


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