New Pickit release enables external sharing

Summer solstice has officially passed, and the long-awaited summer has arrived here at the Pickit HQ in Sweden (sorry Southern Hemisphere!), and even though this summer will be a bit different, we've been looking forward to the long, warm days just the same. With the holidays approaching, we've been working tirelessly to deliver yet another set of new features before our developers take off on a well-earned vacation. This month, we focused on improving the ways you can distribute your content using Pickit.

Share collections externally 



In addition to sharing content internally among your image bank members at your organization, you'll now be able to share image collections with external users too. It’s a great way to collaborate with partners, freelancers, press, photographers and anyone else who might need access to some of your curated content.

When one of your admins invites an external user into one of your collections, they'll get an email invitation that allows them to view the collection and download any content. However, they won't be able to make any changes to your collections.

Admins can allow for non-admins to share certain collections externally as well. Or, they can enable a weblink for a collection, where anyone with the link can view the collection without authenticating. If a weblink is enabled, integrated buttons to share collections to social media will also be displayed. So, go ahead and share that company event or press photo collection with the world! 

Oh, and we’ve made all Pickit collections in Public Images shareable as well. So if you want to let your friends know about Pickit, share your favorite collection by clicking on the Share button in the top left corner.


Expanded export capabilities


This new feature makes it easy to export your metadata and image rights information to a CSV file with one click, so you can gain better control over your data.

To do that, simply navigate to your Insights Dashboard and then click on “Image Rights”. In the top left corner, you’ll see a new button called “Export” – just hit that and the file will download to your machine. The CSV format allows you to open it with any spreadsheet software you prefer, as well as import and edit it with other tools.

Learn more in our Pickit User Guide


New content by Image Source


We’re excited to announce a new partnership with the renowned stock image provider Image Source. Starting next week, you can find over 100,000 images (and counting!) from the Image Source portfolio in Pickit’s Public Images section. The images are on various topics, and Image Source’s portfolio will grow continually.


Updates to our Documents Beta


We’re happy to see that many of you signed up for the Documents Beta and provided feedback. The overwhelmingly positive comments show that accessing your documents and images from inside the apps you already use is a real game changer for productivity. You’ve been vigilant with reporting any issues or flaws in the workflow and we’ve been hard at work fixing these.

Based on your feedback, we have changed the permission flow for documents in collections. Now you can decide the sharing permissions for each individual document inside a collection.

We have also improved how the list of documents is presented in when you edit a collection of documents. The list now includes more information about each document.
This release includes numerous bug fixes and performance improvements to the Beta.
Haven’t signed up for the Documents Beta yet? Read what you can do with our new Documents feature and sign up for the closed beta now.



Watch our demo and Q&A session

Interested in learning more about the new features in this update? Watch the live demo and Q&A session with our VP of Customer Success, Jullietta Stoencheva, and our Tech Lead, Jacob Johansson. Jullietta showcases the newest features and shares tips and best practices on sharing your company templates and documents, and Jacob explains the latest technology we use at Pickit and answers technical questions.


Watch the full webinar below 


Interested in trying out Documents for your organization? Opt in for the invite-only beta or book a demo today. 





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