My Pickit Kit: Ritesh Meena

"I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph." - Leon Levinstein
Photography is the most technical of all arts, it's a field ruled by technologically affine artists. When asked what a photographer carries with him when he goes out to photograph, artistic people like Ritesh Meena have a little bit more to offer than their traditional camera.
The 21-year-old mechanical student from Chennai always has a flute and a diary when he goes out on photographic adventures! Ritesh started to click pictures in May 2014 inspired by a mobile photo contest and hasn't stopped since. Here's him revealing the secrets of how the magic happens behind his camera.
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Describe your Kit.
Lumia 1020 and Lumia 620 are the technical stuff in my kit. Other than that I always carry my tripods, a selfie stick and lens for better and non shaky clicks. I also carry a diary with me to keep track of my places of clicks. And last but not least, I carry my flute with me to keep the stress away.
What is your main camera?
In the beginning my main camera was Lumia 620, later I upgraded to the Lumia 1020 and I feel no need to explain about its camera quality - it's the best!
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Which smartphone do you use for quick photos and in what ways does it help you?
I prefer my Lumia 620 to take macro shots and for all other types of photography I use my  Lumia 1020 to get the best out of it. Lumia 1020's proper amount of contrast and sharpness in auto mode help a lot to get a better picture. And low light photography gives the best results with Lumia 1020.
What apps do you think every budding photographer needs on her/his smartphone?
From my point of view I will say that Camera 360, Lumia Camera and Pro Shot are must-haves for clicking pictures and for editing purposes I go for Fantasia Painter (free) and Adobe Photoshop Express. And if you are a Windows Phone user, then don't miss to use Lumia Creative Studio. And on PC there can't be anything better than Adobe Lightroom.
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What is the next piece of Kit that you would like to have?
There are several things which I'd like to add to my kit like filters, a telelens and more, but above all these I want to own a Lumia 930. I fell in love with its improved hardware and software technology and the kind of pictures it clicks.
Other than that I really want to give a try to a DSLR for once.
What do you see as the future of photography?
The place where I am standing, after seeing people work in different places like the  NBAN groupPickitLumia Conversations' #ConnectsComp etc. I am pretty sure that smartphones are the future of photography. Soon DSLRs will be outdated with improvements in technology of smartphones, especially Lumias, which are working really good even now. And moreover because of sites like Pickit, photography can become a way to earn money when pursuing one's passion, which is kinda hard these days.
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