Microsoft invests in Pickit to save the world from boring PowerPoints

Today, tech startup Pickit–which provides an image service that puts professionally curated content and corporate assets at the fingertips of 1.2 billion Office users–announced an investment from Microsoft Ventures.

Pickit aggregates content from leading image providers and allows users to crowdsource custom images from Pickit’s global photographer community. A unique royalty free images process ensures all content is licensed and free to use.

The investment from Microsoft Ventures completed Pickit’s Series A round, where the company raised a total of $4.6 million. The investment is expected to propel Pickit into the next phase of its mission to make it simpler for everyday Office users to increase productivity and improve the quality of their work.

Four years ago, the founders of Pickit approached Microsoft with a big idea–to create an integrated image service that worked seamlessly with PowerPoint and Word. Since then, Pickit has developed the technology and sourced the content to service worldwide Office users. 

Matthias_Microsoft.jpgMathias Björkholm from Pickit and Nagraj Kashyap Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Ventures


"Seamless management of photo content across different products is becoming increasingly important. Pickit’s offering and their strong team are already helping Microsoft Office users increase their productivity by streamlining what was a cumbersome and time-consuming process. We can’t wait to see what they do next.”
- Nagraj Kashyap, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Ventures
“With this latest round of financing, we truly get the chance to expand our business model and create a dedicated image bank for modern MS Office users. We’re already adding value and functionality to the Microsoft Office applications that people use on a daily basis and we look forward to working with Microsoft Ventures and our other partners as we continue to increase productivity.”
- Mathias Björkholm, Co-CEO and Founder of Pickit


Pickit staff in Gotland, Sweden

A bit about Pickit

Pickit is an image service hosted on Microsoft Azure for making professionally curated photos, free clipart, and illustrations available inside PowerPoint, Word, and Windows 10. The Pickit add-in allows users to source content aggregated from leading image providers, and also crowdsource custom images from Pickit’s global photographer community. A unique royalty free images process ensures all content licensed and free to use for anything. Pickit is the proud winner of the Microsoft Office App Awards 2016.

Established in 2013, Pickit has headquarters in Visby, Sweden, and a US office in Redmond, Washington. 


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Henrik Bergqvist 

Founder & Co-CEO

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Mathias Björkholm

Founder & Co-CEO

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Pickit Board
Erik Tobieson - Chairman
Mathias Björkholm
Richard Göransson 
Tarja Zudemberg

Pickit Management
Henrik Bergqvist - Co-CEO
Mathias Björkholm - Co-CEO
Johan Andersson - Product Owner
Robert Dysell - CMO



Corbin Warner (MS Ventures), Lisa Nelson (MS Ventures), Johan Anderson (Pickit), Mathias Björkholm (Pickit), Priya Saiprasad (MS Ventures)Haley McColgan (MS Ventures)


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Pickit Free provides royalty free images right inside PowerPoint and Word


Pickit Business enables employees to access company assets inside PowerPoint and Word




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