Introducing Pickit Family

We're thrilled to announce our latest product release: Pickit Family. The new module lets organizations implement flexible, multi-brand architecture that simplifies the way asset libraries are accessed, created, and controlled across multiple instances that live under the same Single Sign-On umbrella.

Essentially, it's a DAM inside a DAM – designed for growing brands with larger portfolios, including multiple sub-brands, subsidiaries, or geographical areas. For anyone managing assets across several markets, Pickit Family is the ideal control center that will not only save you time, but also give you a clearer overview, better brand consistency, and effortless content distribution. Sounds great, right?


Say hello to Pickit Family!

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Let's suppose you're working with a House of Brands, Branded House, or any organization with a larger global brand and one or more regional or local brands. You might want to create identical asset collections, document libraries, and templates that are accessible to each sub-account, while also sharing custom logos, brand guidelines, templates, and campaign material to specific countries, regions, or sub-brands within your organization. As a Pickit admin, you can achieve this with a range of easy-to-use features built into the Pickit Family module. 

When a sub-account is created, all the modules, integrations, features, and functionality included in your existing Pickit subscription will also be made available to the sub-account. Once the desired organizations' Microsoft accounts are connected to Pickit, you'll find them all listed in the Pickit Family dashboard. This is your control panel, where you can manage the different domain settings, create sub-domain image libraries, or distribute collections to all of the connected sub-accounts in the way that suits you best.


Here's an example from a global brand with two sub-brands

Global brand has access to the following collections:
    • Car Retail
    • Car Production
    • 3D Printing Services
Sub-brand A has access to the following collections:
    • Car Retail
    • Car Production
Sub-brand B has access to the following collection:
    • 3D Printing Services


Here's another example from an organization with several regional markets

Global account has access to the following documents:
    • One-Pager in English, German, and Swedish
    • Customer Deck in English, German, and Swedish
    • Go-to-Market in English, German, and Swedish
Regional sub-account A (Germany) has access to documents:
    • One-Pager in English and German
    • Customer Deck in English and German
    • Go-to-Market in English and German
Regional sub-account B (Sweden) has access to documents:
    • One-Pager in English and Swedish
    • Customer Deck in English and Swedish
    • Go-to-Market in English and Swedish

These are just a couple of examples at the document/collection level, but the same principles can be applied to whole asset libraries, guidelines, and more. The use cases are endless. 


So, how does it work?

When you sign into the Pickit platform, you'll find Pickit Family in the side menu below Image Rights on the home page for Content Administration. When clicking on Pickit Family, you'll find two buttons at the top of your screen. This is where you can create a new sub-account or connect your existing accounts.

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Once you've added or created all the sub-brands you wish to work with, they'll appear in the Pickit Family dashboard.

To start working with your desired sub-account, you can either go to the specific sub-brand you've created or to the main Content Administration dashboard.

From the specific Sub-Brand dashboard
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Click on the arrow next to the admin's name in the top left corner of your screen. A pop-up window will display all your linked sub-brands. Click on your desired account to open the dedicated sub-domain dashboard where you can begin to upload all your digital assets.


From the main Content Administration dashboard
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Alternatively, you can also access your created sub-accounts from your Content Administration dashboard. On the right-hand side of your screen, you'll find all your curated collections. Click on the Settings icon of your desired collection and a pop-up window will appear. You'll find Pickit Family visible on the window's left menu. When clicking on Pickit Family, all your created sub-brands will be displayed.


A few benefits using Pickit Family

  • Manage multiple brands under one roof
  • Simplify access across sub-brands and subsidiaries 
  • Tailor localized content for selected regional markets
  • Use libraries as templates for faster setup of future sub-accounts
  • Understand performance and unique needs of each sub-account

We could keep going, but ultimately, this new module provides the best of best worlds: global framework and local implementation.  



Sound good? For more information, request a 15-minute demo and let one of our product specialists who will help you get started. 


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