How Pickit can help you be a more creative marketing manager

A marketing manager’s to-do list is never-ending. Whether it’s balancing the books or analyzing data, you barely have the time to stop for a coffee break, let alone put into action all those brilliant ideas you’ve left on the backburner.

So how can you work efficiently and get those creative sparks flying? Well, we think Pickit has the answer.


Don’t Waste Time On Clutter

Tidying is tedious–especially when it involves painstakingly organizing neverending files and forgotten photos on your desktop. And what’s the point of having all those images if you don’t even know where they are?  

That’s where Pickit Business comes in. Amongst other things, Pickit Team and Enterprise services work as a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system–storing, organizing, and managing your images for you. So say sayonara to messy photo folders and hello to extra time to get creative.


Get Analytical

Creativity and analytics might not seem like your predictable pair, but here at Pickit, we believe they make a great couple. After all, the best creative minds don’t just throw an idea at the wall and hope it sticks–they carefully craft their content with their audience in mind.

With Pickit, this process is a lot easier than you might think. With the help of smart analytics features, you can track how and when a digital asset is being used. Suddenly figuring out which pieces of content are offering a strong ROI is a piece of cake.  


Repurpose Your Content

Analytics and the organizational features of a DAM system really come into their own when you want to reuse and repurpose content. Once you’ve figured out the types of visuals your customers love, it’s easy to locate the right images and put them to work elsewhere. And there you have it: double the win in half the time.


Think Outside The Box

Come to think about it, who says there’s a box?! And who says you have to source images from the same places as practically every other company on the planet? Nothing is guaranteed to kill creativity more than boring stock photos (and the copyright jargon that usually comes with them). That’s why Pickit only offers handpicked, high-quality images that are guaranteed to do your content justice. And the best bit? You don’t have to give a second thought to legal issues, freeing up time to get those creative juices flowing.


Make Your Vision A Reality

Have an impressive idea you’d like to put into action? Don’t just wait for the right image to find you–go out and get it yourself. With our Photo Missions feature, you can customize your content by crowdsourcing unique photos from our photographer community. It means you can stretch those creative muscles while also getting the perfect snap for your project, every time.




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