How much time and money can you save with Pickit Business?

Not Just A Pretty Picture

Pickit has developed the Business service to not only be a creative inspiration, but a powerful business tool as well. We know that as a business, finding a great photo is only half the battle. So how can a humble image bank help you to deliver more than just pretty pictures? And can it reallyoptimize your ROI as a company?


Creativity Married To Valuable Functionality

Amongst other things, Pickit Business functions as a DAM (Digital Asset Management)service, which means it’s a complete system for managing, storing, and collaborating on photos and images as a business. This replaces old, splintered processes, where individuals and teams work with several different routines and multiple tools or platforms. There are three key areas in which Pickit can benefit you: (i) time; (ii) money; (iii) stress.


1. How You Will Save Time:

Our Photo Market brings a curated collection of only the very best stock images from around the web. We’ve searched everywhere so you don’t have to:

  • A single platform for searching and storing all your image files; no more jumping across multiple sources and platforms.
  • Always find and use files in the correct format.
  • Customizable storage and folder structure; common sense filenames for better search results.

The community feature means you can invite coworkers to join you to view and collaborate on visual projects:

  • Optimized, single workflow for team tasks; faster requests, reviews, and final delivery for images.
  • Access permissions control over how each user interacts with content.
  • Access content at any time, from any device or platform.



2. How You Will Save Money:

Using multiple sources to find images could mean paying variable costs for images with no guarantee of a consistent level of quality:

  • Fixed cost to simplify budgeting and expenditure controls.
  • Eliminates need to pay for multiple tools or platforms with uneven quality control.
  • Analytics features track how digital content is used; analyze content to make sure it’s offering a strong ROI.
  • Removes need for multiple storage locations; frequency of assets being lost or misplaced reduced to virtually zero.

3. How You Will Reduce Your Stress Levels:

Pickit doesn’t just want to directly impact your business by helping to save time and money. We know how difficult and nuanced running a company or department can be. We have designed a tool that makes your life easier, replacing uncertainty around your routines with a system you can rely on:

  • Automated copyright permissions; content is 100% legal for your teams to use.
  • Introduces routines to achieve consistent visual branding throughout the organization.
  • Always find the perfect shot with our Photo Missions; crowdsource original shots from over 10,000 photographers from around the world.




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