Hacks for marketing managers

Most marketing managers have a million things on their to-do list. Your’s is a hectic schedule filled with meetings, between which you’re expected to wave your magic marketing wand and make the sales team actually seem cool.

But fear not, the best marketing managers don’t actually need any magic. They just use marketing hacks to help get stuff done faster and better. We’ve collected some of the most effective and popular strategies for marketing wizards to cast a spell for saving time and boosting productivity:


Drive a wooden stake through the heart of email, save your team

For most communication, emails suck even more than Dracula himself. So, stop using them. Use a messaging app like Slack instead to communicate with your teams. It’s the wooden cross that’ll stop emails draining the life out of your team. And it’ll make discussions and getting stuff done much quicker and simpler.


Map skills, delegate more efficiently

Someone’s else’s secret passion or hobby might be your game-changer. Ask people for the juicy gossip on activities they enjoy and things they like learning about. Map it all out and keep your list up-to-date. Next time you need photos for an off-the-wall blog post about the latest hipster food craze, you might just be able to get the self-styled “rockstar ninja” (otherwise known as Tony the developer in IT) to provide you with invaluable input.


Use a timer, write more

Be more productive by using a popular hack from pro writers. Download one of the many “pomodoro” timer apps and use it to break your writing into smaller chunks of time. The aim is to be highly productive for shorter periods (say 20-25 minutes) and recharge your focus with a short two or three minute break when the timer sounds.

Use a break to check the news, send a silly SnapChat or bust out some yoga moves. Just make sure you pause for a moment, before going right back for another round of being a marketing machine.  




Master digital asset management, save time

Many companies don’t help the overworked and time-poor marketing department with a sensible system of storing files securely and with proper organization.

A Digital Asset Management system (DAM) means not having digital files spread randomly across a mix of Dropbox, email and USB sticks. Creating one place for storing and searching all your digital files that everyone can access. It means having a structure with proper folders and relevant, descriptive file names that make it easy for people to find the content they need.

Take the time to build a database of all your relevant digital assets, with enough quality content for people to do their jobs more effectively. Create a collection of pre-approved images with the correct copyright permissions that people can use. 

People (especially you!) will save time as you’ll no longer have to  search and approve images from different sources every time someone needs a paperclip icon for a PowerPoint.





Make time to learn, stay ahead of the curve

Top marketing managers make learning and staying on top of industry developments an everyday part of the job role, not an extra task they have to squeeze in before bedtime.

Set aside a few hours, at work or home, and find some sources your trust and enjoy reading - blogs, websites etc. Limit yourself to a set number of sources per topic, for example the industry standard you have to read, and one niche blog.

Now, here’s the key: forget all the other options. Unsubscribe from all the blogs and websites you never actually read. Unroll.Me’s free app will clear your inbox in minutes, unsubscribing you from all the junk. It then collects all the useful stuff you want into one daily email scheduled at the time of day that best suits you.  

Alternatively Feedly’s service allows you to subscribe to a huge range of online content without email, organizing topics and feeds however you want.

Then regularly book learning time into your calendar and stick to it like glue. Set a goal for sessions: cover one topic, or learn how to make an infographic on Canva. Whatever it is, doing small actions regularly will help to keep you performing with cutting-edge performance.


Hang in there, get results

A final “bonus” hack, and the most important one of all. The best marketing manager is not the one who can do it all. It’s the one who recognizes where and when they need help. And then makes sure they get it. There are loads of tools and strategies, but they don’t become a “hack” until you make them one.

Asking for help is still the original, and best, life hack around.  


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