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Ioana Marin

How your company can be both corporate and creative

How your company can be both corporate and creative

Few things kill creativity faster than institutionalization and a regimented corporate structure. That said, running a creative company isn’t all about ping-pong tables, Friday beers, and startup-style brainstorming sessions–there comes a time when we have to get organized, and to sit down and do some serious work.

But finding this balance isn’t easy. Go too far one way, and your business turns stiff and stale; too far in the other direction, and productivity suffers. So how do you employ the traditional efficiency of big business, while also keeping hold of that creative spark?


2.Surround Yourself With The Best People

1. Surround yourself with great people

There are some people that have it all: they’re bright, funny, hard-working and a pleasure to be around. And it’s these people you need in your business. Finding the balance between being corporate and creative starts with your team, so always consider personality as well as professional credentials when hiring. Not only are these all-rounders great at what they do–but they can inspire the rest of the team to be their best. And yes, that includes you too.


2. Treat your customers the way you want to be treated

When a business feels too corporate, it can leave you feeling like a cog in a machine–disconnected from your colleagues, as well as your customers. Luckily there are loads of ways to put the personality back into a business, starting with your brand.

Marketing experts insist brands should be a “two-way conversation”. And they’re right. Engaging directly with your customers gives you the chance to build an identity that thrives on creativity, but also produces results.


3. Get the right tools

The bigger a business gets, the trickier it becomes to communicate effectively. Keep it direct and relevant by investing in the right tools. Using a simple Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, instant messaging apps, and project management tools can help boost team creativity while also making sure everyone is on track to hit their goals.


4. Invest in training

Training boosts creativity in so many ways. From building trust to inspiring new approaches, investing in your employees’ personal development is as rewarding as it is business savvy. After all, why pay out thousands to a creative agency when you have someone in-house with the perfect skillset? So whether it’s investing in qualifications, workshops, or seminars, always ask yourself how extra training can help your team reach their full creative potential.



5. Put creativity at the heart of your business

Most importantly, your business should thrive on creativity. Just think about the world’s most successful brands. Yes, they have a corporate edge, but they’re also wildly innovative. So never hold back on your brainstorming sessions; always giving it your all will encourage others to do the same. Just remember that all ideas should be guided by your business goals.


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