December 16, 2016 / 

Robert Dysell

How to maintain your brand identity when your company grows

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Your creativity is most likely what made your company brand identity great to begin with. That unique idea, approach, or solution to a problem that made you stand out from the crowd. It’s the thing that gives it a special edge–a personality that’s powerful, personal, and irresistibly unique.

But what happens when your company begins to grow? How do you keep hold of that creative spark as your team, output, and responsibilities expand? 



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Sacrifice your passion and you risk becoming a corporate monster. Just think about your favorite big brands–they don’t just sell a product, they sell identity, culture, personality. And it’s that unique personality and DNA your company needs to nurture.

Think back to the early days. What inspired you? And just as importantly, what inspires your team members now? Write down your thoughts and keep them safe. They’ll be a powerful reminder of your company's ethos and vision further down the line.


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The wonderful thing about a growing company is the growing diversity that goes with it. This means more ideas, skill sets, and ways of communicating–all great things for keeping creativity alive.

Make the most of this diversity by constantly asking questions of your team. Whether it’s a regular brainstorming session or weekly all-hands meetings, inviting everybody to share their ideas makes for an innovative and creative company. And don’t forget to ask new team members for their opinions. Sometimes having a fresh set of eyes can do a company a world of good.


Choose Your Pace

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The most successful companies aren’t necessarily the biggest. They’re the ones that grow organically – taking their time to hire the right people and nurture their brand image. So think carefully every time you’re tempted to make a hire. Do you really need an extra pair of hands? Or do you just need to reshuffle responsibilities?

If you do decide you do need to expand your team, spend plenty of time making sure they’re the right fit. CVs are important, but so is personality–especially when it comes to

keeping hold of that creative edge. 


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As your business grows, it’s easy to become complacent. After all, you must be doing everything right if you’re a runaway success, right? Wrong. Just because your company is expanding, doesn’t mean you should stop asking yourself how you could do it better.

The best brands don’t just expand–they evolve. And to make this happen, you need to be constantly putting that creativity to good use. User feedback, process reviews, and market research are all great ways of making sure you’re growing in the right direction.