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3 shocking PowerPoint tricks you need to know

3 Shocking PowerPoint Tricks-2

By Boris Hristov, Founder of Presentation Agency 356labs


You use PowerPoint, correct? Maybe you even think you know it so well nothing can shock you anymore? Let’s put that to a quick test!


In this article, I will share with you “one trick per stage”, as I like to say – one when you are planning to prepare a presentation, one which you can use while you are working on it and one that you should know about during the actual delivery. Ready? Here we go!

PowerPoint Trick #1: The Preparation Phase

Can you remember a moment when you were editing some slides and some point you started using the CTLR+Z (or Undo) feature? You try to go back to a previous edit you did, and you are using Undo, Undo, Undo, Undo, Undo and then… at some point… the Undo… stops. Have you been there? Let’s fix that for every future presentation you plan to create. Here are the steps:

  1. Open any PowerPoint presentation
  2. Go to File menu
  3. Go to the Options button in the bottom left corner
  4. Go to the Advanced tab
  5. Take a look – there is an option called “Maximum number of undos” and it’s set to 20. Well, I don’t personally like it to be 20 and I believe neither do you. So, let’s change it to something like 50.

Now every single time when you work on your slides, no matter of the presentation, you will have 50 undos to help you out. This is the so called “global option”, so once you set it up you are done for every file you work with.

Note: you can go as high as 99 or 150 depending on your version but hey, come on, if you use 99 or 150 (or something in between), my question to you is – what are you doing? Where are you going 150 steps back? We, at 356labs, use 50 for our PowerPoint installations and don’t forget, we are a presentation agency focused only on presentations, so if we are OK with 50, you should be fine with something close to that number too.




PowerPoint Trick #2: The Editing Phase

It’s Friday evening and you are designing slides. At some point you want to make a text box, a shape or even your background exactly in the same color as, let’s say, the color of a logo that you are using. How do you do that? Maybe by using custom colors and constantly dragging the slider up and down hoping the color you got is the same? Let me show you a better way.

Starting with PowerPoint 2013 you now have Eyedropper. Just go to the options of any object and choose to change its color and you will see a button called Eyedropper. Once you select it, just hover over the object you want to take the color from, click and voila!





Now, you may say: “Wait a minute. I know that one!” However, did you know Eyedropper has a secret feature? Try this if you want to take a color from any object on your screen because as you will probably notice when you start using Eyedropper, normally, you can take colors only from inside your presentation. This trick will allow you to get over this limitation. How is it possible?

  1. Choose Eyedropper for any object you want to change the color to.
  2. Click somewhere on your screen where Eyedropper is still working. However, once you click do not release the left button of you mouse! Hold it!
  3. Now drag to the object which color you want to take.




PowerPoint Trick #3: The Delivery Phase

You created your slides and now your audience is in front of you. You are presenting. Have you been in the situation when someone from your audience asks you a question and you remember you have a slide for that and you want to jump to it. How do you do that? Hit “Esc”, scroll, find the slide and go back to slide show mode? Not anymore…

  1. Open any presentation and start slide show mode
  2. While in slideshow mode hit any number from your keyboard and then hit “Enter” (for example – 12 + Enter if you want to go Slide 12)
  3. Magic




Note: You guessed that right. This trick requires you to know your slides quite well but let’s be honest, if you are reading this article on this website, you obviously care about presentations.

Final advice! Now that you know those tricks, go try them out on any of your presentations and then share them with the people around you. Believe me, they will be shocked by what you just showed them!

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Have fun and enjoy learning!


This is a guest article written by the Founder of Presentation Agency 356labsBoris Hristov.