Download Our Top 10 Shots of August

Once again, this month we got to witness the power and talent of the Pickit community. The pictures we got during August are one more proof of the creativity and dedication of the Pickit photographers, who all delivered outstanding images on their mission to making people's presentations and marketing materials better! We are excited to see so many skilled people willing to make their images legally cleared.

Here are the 10 shots that really stood out during this month, in no particular order - we recommend visiting www.Pickit.meand downloading them now! Keep posting to Pickit for a chance to be featured next month!

1. Download: Jin Mao Tower, Floor 88 by T. Andersson



2. Download: Cliff by ®. rosstek



3. Download: Time is ticking away by A. Member1440456521199


4. Download: Alpaca by L. Bandgren1440451533391


5. Download: Crossing the line by ®. rosstek1440003579292


6. Download: Dexter by J. Crespin1438811447664


7. Download: Crossing paths by E. Cakan1439386190624


8. Download: Betta fish by D. Elefante1438501582067


9. Download: Iceberg with a hole by O. Henrikssoniceberg-with-a-hole


10. Download: Sunbathing by ®. rosstek1440004222256


You are using Pickit for your projects or have a favorite photo posted this month? Share with us in the comments!



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