Crowd Is The New Cloud – why crowdsourcing is here to stay

You’ve heard the hype about cloud computing, but there’s a new kid in town–crowdsourcing is the business trend that’s about to transform the way you work.

So, we can’t resist a good rhyme, but cheesy title aside, there are some striking similarities between the cloud and the crowd. And trust us, they’re worth getting excited about.

The sweetheart of the digital age, cloud computing has revolutionized the how we work.

But it’s not alone in its race to the top. Predicted to be one of the one most important digital developments of the next ten years, crowdsourcing is catching up—and transforming the way we work in the process. Here’s how.


It’s revolutionizing how we work

Technologies rarely get more disruptive than cloud computing. Over the course of a decade, cloud-based software has taken the world by storm, transforming the way we store files, share information, and organize our lives. But most importantly, it’s given us freedom.

Faced with increasingly global and mobile businesses, we’re constantly looking for easier ways to share, connect, and collaborate. That’s why the cloud is such a hit, but it’s also the reason crowdsourcing is so popular. The crowd, like the cloud, opens up a whole world of opportunities. Whether you’re looking to collaborate with a talented creative or simply gain an extra pair of hands, crowdsourcing makes it possible to create a workflow that works for you. 


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It deepens your talent pool

Cloud computing lets you work from everywhere; crowdsourcing lets you work with everyone. Well, almost. While your talent pool may not be limitless, the very nature of crowdsourcing means that you can tap into the experience and wisdom of individuals, teams, communities, and networks on a global scale.

But it’s not all about people—crowdsourcing helps you come up with solutions as well. Some of the world’s biggest brands have already used social media to drill into their audience’s collective genius, leading to some pretty weird and wonderful ideas.


The sky’s the limit



For such a global concept, crowdsourcing is surprisingly personal. In fact, there’s no rulebook. Whether you run a one-man-band or a business empire, the crowd offers a load of opportunities for gaining new talent, ideas, and growth. And the best bit? It’s all on your terms.

Maybe you’re looking for a graphic designer for a one-off project. Or a whole team of helpers to help keep on top of your admin. Whatever the size and scope of your vision, crowdsourcing has the answer. You’ve just got to ask.




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