A quick guide to creating PowerPoint templates

Does it feel like you spend far too much time creating PowerPoint slides? Well, you’re not alone. Nailing the perfect presentation–one that's clear, clever, and creative–takes time and effort. A lot of it.


Between deciding on design, writing the copy, and selecting the right images, pulling together a PowerPoint can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By creating a great template you can halve the time you spend on design, as well as guaranteeing consistency in every presentation.

Create a template with your company logo

We’ve all been there: you’ve been asked to put together a presentation, but a high-res copy of the company logo is nowhere to be found. Cue loads of wasted time and unnecessary stress.

So why not cut the heartache and pull together a PowerPoint template, fitted out with all the necessary brand visuals? It’ll ensure everything’s high quality and consistent, and most importantly, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing those all-important visuals.

Store your templates in a shared space

Storing your templates in a shared folder, whether it be in Dropbox or on a shared server, means your whole team can get access to your basic slides. Not only will it make you more popular around the office, but you'll have less bad presentations to sit through at work. And let’s be honest: we’ve all seen enough of those.




Use PowerPoint Designer & Morph

Did you know PowerPoint can suggest layouts and template ideas for you using Designer? You can also create fancy transitions using Morph. Get more tips about  Things to do in powerpoint over at the Presentation Guru website. 

Don’t forget to be creative

Creating a template to follow doesn’t mean saying farewell to creativity. After all, the best PowerPoints are sleek, consistent, and clear, but also full of personality. So as well as adding your own twist to the content, don’t be afraid to tweak your template every now and again.





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