8 tips for turbocharging creative teams

Creativity takes time—something growing teams don’t have a lot of. But just because you’re rushed off your feet, doesn’t mean you can’t keep up that creative streak. By taking a few small steps, your team can turbocharge its way to creativity, without wasting a precious second.


1. Design the creative process to fit the project 


Not all creative processes are the same. Sometimes you’ll need a group brainstorming session, other times a structured feedback meeting works better. So before launching into a project, take some time to tailor a creative process that fits your objectives. This transforms creativity from a nice-to-have into an essential part of your workflow.


2. You need doers, not only thinkers 

It’s incredibly important that every team member understands the values, mission, and objectives of your brand. But it’s just as important that they know how to turn this knowledge into action. To make this happen, use your brand's values to shape a critical decision-making strategy and connect your brand's values to tangible, measurable actions and behaviors.

Not only this, but also consider and analyze what makes your employees tick and what best suits your team's skillset. Thinkers can have a tendency to think and think without getting things done effectively, while doers might be prone to jumping into the pool without checking if there's even any water in it. By surrounding yourself with the right blend of thinkers and doers you can ensure that your goals are well thought through, but also crucially, that they get done.


3. Encourage experimentation 

Good project managers don’t just lead; they empower others to make positive change. Encourage your team to explore their own creativity and to dare to take chances by providing your colleagues with the time and resources they need to experiment with new tools or techniques so that they create something they feel is theirs. This is such an empowering strategy for your company when done consistently. We know, there's not a specific rule, but by putting experimentation and innovation at the heart of your strategy it will encourage your team to be creative and productive at the same time. 


4. Allow the creative souls to be creative and provide them with the right tools


The corporate bubble can easily kill creativity, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Help your team stay in touch with their creative side—don’t ever prevent someone from speaking their mind, contributing ideas, or trying new things. Never. Ever.

By proving your team with the right tools you'll help them to be more creative and get the work done quicker. An engaged team will always contribute to the best of their ability.


5. Be consistently creative

Anyone can tell that some days are more creative than others. Creativity often comes in waves and we've all hit that creativity wall before. We are living in a world of constant change so it is important to be able to think outside of the box and find new ways of solving the problems that come our way. Creativity often serves to grab people's attention, while consistency helps us build trust and keep their attention. The good news is that while creativity can be hard to conjure up in an on demand basis, consistency is something we can more easily nurture within a well oiled organisation. 


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6. Put agile project management before traditional project management 


The best managers use an agile project management methodology to work smarter, not harder. Guided by business values and real-time analytics, this approach throws a shade on traditional project management techniques. Instead of diving in headfirst, it allows you to respond directly to the needs of your team and business, freeing up more time for effective creativity.


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7. Be both task and relationship oriented 

In a creative team, relationships are just as important as the task at hand. In order to sink or swim together, it’s essential you build a strong collective around you. We have mentioned previously how promoting everyone's creativity within your team, as well as increasing everyone's participation or even consultation in key processes, will contribute to a working methodology where an increased accountability and involvement of all members within your team will most likely maximize everyone's potential. Plus, it'll make for a much happier working environment. And we all know that when you have a happy group everyone will go the extra mile for you.


8. Be your team's biggest fan


All teams should have a supportive manager. But even better—all team members should be their team’s biggest fans. As clichéd as it sounds, when everyone believes in a project, your company values will shine through.

Every organization and company has to evolve over time if it wants to accomplish lasting success. When organizations encourage and promote creativity accepting a healthy margin for trial and error in such processes, that's when their people are most likely to contribute creatively upon the company's next big idea. An organization that is not risk averse and that accepts that change is a natural and healthy process will be more adaptable to evolve to the current trends or needs. To do so you will always needs your employees' inputs, meaning that you will always be more likely to get people to share their bright ideas with you when they know that they are valued and will be recognised for their efforts and not reprimanded in a bad way if they ever make a mistake.


So go ahead and give your trusted team the best of Pickit!





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