7 impressive image collections to follow on Pickit

Imagine having a world of beautiful images at your fingertips – each one handpicked, unique and created by people passionate about what they do. Well, Pickit’s Photo Market offers just that.

We offer bespoke, curated image collections that are driven by our creative community of global photographers. Meaning the only thing you have to worry about is which picture to choose. To give you a helping hand, here’s seven of our favourites.

1. “Say It So It Sticks”

Some pictures really are worth a thousand words – you just have to find them first. Luckily, here at Pickit, we’ve made it easy to find that perfect image. The “Say It So It Sticks” collection lets you make your point with truly memorable images. And with everything from moody metaphors to emotional tableaus, there’s no need to worry about your points missing the mark.

2. “Icons For Impact”

Why use words when an icon is clearer? Whether its website graphics or newsletter illustrations, these clean and simple images don’t just provide clarity; they also say something about your brand.

An icon’s ability to communicate an idea instantly, irrespective of the audience, is the reason it’s become such an integral part of the business lexicon. But let’s face it: most of these simple images are boring. That’s why we made ours iconic.

3. “Better Than Clipart”

If you liked Clipart, then you’ll like these even more. Same ease, less cheese. And you can use them without even opening a new tab. Pickit’s integration with Microsoft has truly brought their images into the 21st century, opening up a whole world of powerful graphics at the click of a mouse.

And what better way to celebrate than with our very own curated collection of the best business images that Pickit has to offer.

4. “Graphic”

Wild patterns, geometric shapes, and bold colors combine to create images that pop. Whether you add them to a presentation or a blog post, this collection is guaranteed to give your creative efforts a new artistic twist, even for the untrained eye.

5. “Surreal”

Do a Dali and make your work extraordinary with this gallery of surreal images. Packed with unusual shapes and unique textures, this eclectic collection offers the perfect excuse to let your creative side go wild.


6. “Amazing Animals”

It’s a fact of life: few being can resist a cute cat photo. So why not make the most of our universal animal obsession and add a few furry photos into your next project? And it’s not just about the cute factor. Whether it’s a cheeky monkey or regal peacock, animal images channel color and character into your work.


7. “Color Explosion”

This is the double-espresso of photo collections. Boasting bold, bright colors, these visuals are guaranteed to perk up your senses–and make your dreary work documents look like a million dollars.




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