5 simple tips to boost your creativity when working remotely

Creativity is a key asset that can make all the difference in ensuring that you truly stand out from the rest of the crowd. It's no coincidence then that the most successful organizations in the world not only promote creativity, but nurture it by creating a perfect environment for their people to deliver their unique creations. This involves developing trust and avoiding any unnecessary pressure by unexpectedly tight deadlines brought on by a lack of proper planning or that anyone becomes fearful of making a mistake along the way.

But how to boost your creative output in the new normal of WFH?

Even in the comfort and convenience of your own home, things can become stressful sometimes, and even the most talented and creative individuals can go through a short barren spell. At times like these, ensuring you and your team are working with the best set of tools can make things easier. Not only can they help you get the job done, but they'll create more time to focus on those important and creative tasks. So here are, in no particular order, 5 effective tips to ensure you remain creative and productive when working remotely. 


1. Don't kill an idea too early


Not every idea is a good idea. Even fewer are great ideas. Just speak to any successful content creator and they’ll tell you that for every earth-shattering brainwave, there were a dozen more that were destined for the rubbish bin. And that's on a good day. 

But what can you do when the creative gods have temporarily abandoned you? Firstly, don't give up before you’ve even got going. If you think an idea isn’t going to work, you can still write it down, play with it, read about it, refine it and think hard: Will this be useful to anyone? Is it solving a problem?

And get help! Ask a colleague to have a look at it. You'd be surprised by how effective a fresh look at a sticky topic can be. And always remember, it's ok to come short with an idea if you gave it your best shot! Learn from it, move on and grow. Simple.


2. Find inspiration from fresh industry trends

5 simple tips to boost your creativity when working remotely. 2

Inspiration can come from anywhere: a walk in the woods, a great podcast or a poignant testimonial from your favorite Clubhouse room. But you shouldn’t just wait for it to find you. Start by keeping up to date with industry trends, but also source inspiration from your potential audience. Whether it’s by reading the authors they’re into, or listening to the music they enjoy, focusing on what it is that inspires your customers will keep your ideas fresh and focused.

And while you hunt down that inspiration, remember to keep it real. Always bear in mind the end goal: customer satisfaction. It may seem obvious, but it should be at the core of your creative process.


3. Commit to a routine and stick to it

5 simple tips to boost your creativity when working remotely 3

There’s a fine line between nurturing creativity and maintaining productivity, but the truth is that great ideas require time and hard work. You can’t always expect inspiration to hit you in the face; you really have to go looking for it. And that’s why coming up with a reliable and productive routine is so important. Especially with all the potential distractions that may come up when you're working at home.

Give yourself (and your team) realistic deadlines, and stick to them. The creative process is a long one, and you need to allocate enough time for it. Not only should you schedule time for brainstorming and creating, but also include sufficient time in the process to ensure your idea goes through the rigorous audits it probably needs.


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4. Get mindful 

5 simple tips to boost your creativity when working remotely 4

Creativity can be messy. The stereotypical creative type is often portrayed as a person with a cluttered mind and even more cluttered desk, and let's not even talk about their messy homes! But it doesn’t have to be this way. Studies have suggested that practices such as meditation and yoga–basically anything that declutters the mind–can have a huge impact on our creative output.

Before starting work, try doing a 10-minute meditation or stretching session. Even people who walk for over 20 minutes while commuting to work report great benefits that enhance their focus and boost their creativity.


5. Don't ignore the data

5 simple tips to boost your creativity when working remotely 5

KPIs and creativity don’t always go hand in hand, but trust us on this one, metrics are such an important tool in providing you with an accurate picture of where to focus your efforts. Develop ways to closely monitor your ideas' impact, whether it’s by measuring user growth or recording sales revenue. Keeping an eye on your business' metrics will sharpen your creativity, ensuring your ideas are always relevant and on point.

Again, it comes back to having the right tools. By working with the world's simplest DAM System you can ensure you're always connected, wherever you are, to every team member and have access to all of your organization's latest assets, including images, videos and templates, in a user friendly solution that has become the go-to system for marketers, presenters and sales reps alike. This need to stay in the loop is of critical importance if you are planning on making a success when WFH.


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