4 image collections every creative agency should have

Too often brands waste the opportunity to be creative and mark their company out as something different. The opportunity to stand out by making sure they use great images that reflect their company. Often this is simply because finding great images can be time-consuming, especially if you need fresh new content on a regular basis. It's hard to keep up when you're running a company blog, an Instagram account, building a new website, launching new products, and on and on.

It's not that people don't recognize the power of a great picture, it's just that they lack the resources to easily access them. Limited time and budgets can easily get in the way of sourcing showstopping images. So people fall back on relying on adequate stock photos, rather than using the outstanding content their brand deserves. The solution to this problem, as every successful creative team knows, is to build up photo and image collections. This means having folders full of great, ready-to-use content suitable for the kinds of projects your teams regularly need to tackle. And it means having them easily available in the correct format for people to search and retrieve with a minimum of fuss.


Here’s our guide to a great starter pack for building photo and image collections that any creative agency or brand can use for greater impact:  

1. Great Team Shots

Most companies settle for using the boring headshots found on LinkedIn or any other professional ‘About Us’ company pages. Now think, how many of those images are actually memorable? Your team is where the personalities behind your brand are, so creative shots of them will help to reveal more of your company to your audience and make your brand more accessible. As well as proving you don’t do things like everyone else.

2. Company Assets

If you're like most companies, you have a logo, perhaps a secondary logo, particular colors and fonts you're fond of. A company can build up a wealth of intellectual property very quickly, and it’s all the sort of stuff your people need to use all the time. Organizing it all in one place will save time for everyone and ensure your branding remains more consistent. This is especially important if you’ve grown quickly and relied on external sources or freelancers to design or create things for you. Having it in one place makes it easier to keep track of, repurpose, or retire out-of-date branding.


3. Icons

The use of icons has exploded in popularity because, just like emoticons, they say so much with so little; they’re images that literally mean something. One well-placed, sleek icon can replace lines and lines of text, making your communication crisper and more concise. But there’s a ton of icon styles out there and some more basic or less pretty than others, so building up a collection helps you to:

    • pick your style (like choosing a font)
    • have quick access to the icons relevant to your brand
    • make sure people maintain the right style


4. Product Shots (+industry related images)

Your teams will need to use images of your products or services on a very regular basis, but not having them stored in one place can chip away at simple productivity as people look to deliver new content. Also, try to avoid having standard product features that look like uninspired stock photos; yes you want to display new features or designs, but try to create images that give your product or service context, that show it in action or adds value out in the real world. Similar to having your company assets in a collection, having approved product and industry shots makes it much simpler to control your brand.

As a final pointer, whatever collections you need to build for your teams, ensure they’re organized correctly! Have a proper routine, with a designated storage location, file formats and sensible filenames and folder titles. This avoids people having to jump between emails, hard drives, and cloud storage to search for a photo they know was there three months ago.


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