3 ways to use inclusive images to help display diversity

When you think about diversity in your workplace, what comes to mind? Age, culture, gender, race, socio-economic background? Each of these has an obvious place on the list, but there's far more to being a diverse and inclusive workplace than simply hiring a certain number of people from different ethnic backgrounds, or by creating the perfect male-to-female ratio in every team–although this would certainly be a good start. 

An often overlooked yet important area is the visuals you use; everywhere from your website and marketing materials to the walls at the office...if you still have one. The stock image industry is known for predictable photos dominated by white men (usually in business suits), often with just a few token women (often secretaries) and people of color who are clearly there just to tick some boxes. 

To help you source more inclusive and diverse images, we've created three curated collections, designed to help any organization create content and raise awareness around three important topics. 

Here are the collections, and a few suggestions to go with them: 


1. Feature women taking the lead in tech (and beyond) 

Women in tech

We already mentioned the stock image industry, but another space that's renowned for being male-dominated is the world of tech where we spend a lot of our time. sadly, women continue to be overlooked, especially when it comes to positions of leadership and responsibility.

When looking at the European Commission's Women in Digital Scoreboard, a study to assess EU countries' performance in regards to women's participation in the digital economy covering 13 areas including specialist skills, employment, internet usage, and internet skills, it is quite easy to find stats that underline how difficult it can be for women that work in the industry.

For example, did you know that:

  • Women in the IT sector earn, on average, up to 19% less than men.
  • In the Atomico report on gender composition by job title for executive-level positions, the study found just one female CTO out of a sample of 175.
  • 93% of the capital invested in tech companies went to all-male founding teams.

One small but simple way to help change mindsets is to use images of women in tech–and any other job for that matter–in brochures, reports, blog posts, social media and more. By using photos of women leading the way in different male-dominant industries, others can be inspired and influenced to rethink their biases and values. Our Women in Tech collection is designed for precisely this purpose. 


2. Put some racial and ethnic diversity on display

Celebrate diversity 2

Diversity allows you to have multiple perspectives looking at the same project. Hiring people with different personalities, backgrounds and at varying stages of their careers can foster creativity and offer a range of perspectives and ideas that can benefit every company. The right mix of talent will challenge your thinking and bring new perspectives to the table. Many studies show diverse teams perform better and, as a result, bring in more profits. These studies also show a direct link between decision-making and better business performance, indicating that diverse teams see a 60% improvement in decision-making abilities. The diversity of talent on your team will help you to achieve better business performance.

However, sometimes diversity can be challenging in organizations with a poor corporate culture. It's vital that companies set about defining a transparent corporate culture in which all members have a clear understanding of the values and identity of the company. This means it's easier to ensure that communication is as effective as possible and that nothing gets lost in translation so that everyone can give input and enrich the overall culture as well as the organization's output. 

Our Celebrate Diversity collection will hopefully help you promote this noble cause, which is more needed than ever.


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3. Celebrate LGBTQIA+ people with pride

Pride month1

This month at Pickit, we're proud to be able to join in celebrating the Pride movement and highlight the importance of recognizing and respecting their rightful quest for equality in today's society. That's why we've created a Pride Month collection, handpicked by our team of editors, to help you and your organization better create inclusive content. Our hope is they'll help inspire more people to reach out, listen and engage with all diverse groups so that we all become better equipped in being fully inclusive and respectful towards everyone's basic needs and sensitivities.


Get your message across with inclusive images from these 3 collections and more, all available on the web and in the Microsoft 365 add-in. If you haven't installed it already, click here!





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