3 ways Pickit helps remote workers stay on brand  

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has changed the way we work, possibly forever. Remote work is the new norm, and with US companies spending on average $5,000/year per employee on office rentalthe current circumstances might just have inspired a permanent change.  

We’ve seen conferences and industry events moving online, reducing the cost for organizers and enabling more people from all over the world to participate. But this is a change nonetheless, and in times of working from home, online summits and remote presentations, our knowledge and experience on how we make an impact with our words is challenged. How do you inspire, inform or persuade people from behind your computer screen? Here’s where the power of images comes into play. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, they say. 

Leveraging the impact of visuals to create relevant, powerful messages is not a new phenomenon, but a different medium calls for a different speaker-audience dynamic and presenters need to make sure they choose the right type of content for each setting. When projector and stage are traded in for a shared screen and a home office chair, things feel different. A lot of the body language many presenters rely on just doesn’t come across the same way through that 280x400px camera preview up the top corner. Now, the content on the screen becomes the main means of getting a message across. 

This new reality has posed a challenge for brand and marketing managers and revealed a need for an increasingly common scenario companies need to cater to. A brand manager’s main concern is ensuring the company identity is clearly and correctly communicated regardless of the means, and that their colleagues have access to the right imagery to make their work look spectacular. But in times of crisis, the right visuals might not be the same as usual. So, how can these brand, marketing and content managers adapt the company’s image library to help colleagues communicate impactfully, efficiently and stay on brand in a unique situation like this?


Here are 3 tips on how to utilize Pickit to get the content that matters to your colleagues’ fingertips when they need it. 


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1. Use Hero and Featured collections to highlight temporal content 

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Your Hero and Featured collections are the storefront of your image bank. As the first thing your colleagues see when they enter your company library, they can be a great source of inspiration, but also a suitable place to put the most relevant temporal content. Does your company have an important message concerning current events that your colleagues need to know about? Maybe you’d like them to spread the word about a special offer to help your customers in these challenging times, or resources about how to leverage your service when working remotely. 

What better place to share this information than your Hero collection? For example, here at Pickit we’ve prepared readymade presentation visuals to get the word out about our efforts to help companies and individuals in these challenging times. You might want to create a similar campaign tailored to your company, whether it’s communication advice, a “Stay safe!” slide or getting your staff up to date on the latest developments, current status or policy reminders. 


2. Help your colleagues with impactful metaphors


A metaphor is a powerful way to make complex messages digestible and help the audience relate. A metaphor with a picture does all that, as well as helping make the message stick. With body language almost entirely removed from the equation, your colleagues need all help they can get in choosing sticky, impactful images to support what they’re saying. Why not curate a collection of metaphors that supports your brand aesthetics and stays away from the cheesy, overused concepts that plagued 90s PowerPoint presentations? Tap into Pickit’s library of Public Images to help you in the process – we have over 1 million licensed and legally compliant images to meet all your needs. 


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3. Virtual Backgrounds 


Virtual backgrounds are the new normal for online meetings. Besides being excellent ice-breakers and adding some character, theyre also a great way to hide that messy living room or your hyperactive kids making the most of the lockdown madness. That said, some people have been known to get a tad too creative with their image choices, so if you want to help your colleagues choose wisely, we recommend creating a set of approved backgrounds for them to use for the next Teams or Zoom meeting. 

Pickit’s Virtual Backgrounds collection already has a lot of inspiration to pick from. And if you’re missing your usual work environment or wish to add a more realistic feel, why not upload some candid images of your actual office? You could even get your colleagues to send in photos of their home office setup (on an occasion when everything was all clean and tidy and up to scratch) to bring folks closer together despite the physical distance. Don’t forget that everyone needs a laugh these days, so make sure to add something funny in your collection as well – we opted for this ostrich peeking into the camera, a cute penguin taking a walk on the beach and a not-so-subtle message for coworkers. All available on Pickit. 

Virtual Backgrounds-1

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