3 ways Pickit can make you a better CMO

Being a CMO is no easy task. Not only do you have to juggle what feels like a thousand different jobs, but you have to excel at every one of them. After all, being a Jack of all trades, master of none just isn’t going to fly in this business, and you know it.

Here at Pickit, we get it too. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to be more creative, organized and innovative at work. In short, to embrace a better leadership style.


1. Pickit lets you harness the power of pictures

Pickit lets you harness the power of pictures

The way we see it, there are two typical types of CMO: the old and the new. While the traditional CMO might keep his team on a short leash, the new one accepts and embraces each individual’s creativity and talents. In other words, they harness the power of their team.


Pickit Business does exactly the same, but with pictures. And the service lets you get a bit of the action too. Not only is there an enormous variety of images on offer, but by launching a Image Request you can commission any photo you like. Because we also value the creativity of individuals, we’ve brought together a load of talented photographers, all ready to find your perfect shot.


2. Pickit saves you time and money

Pickit saves you time and money

Budgets and deadlines: possibly two of the most terrifying words for any CMO. But don’t worry, Pickit’s got your back. Thanks to a smart DAM system, streamlining the image-sourcing process is simple. Not only does this make finding great images easy, but it makes sharing and storing them a breeze too.


But the thing that really sets Pickit apart from other DAM systems is its pricing model. Rather than paying over the odds for individual pictures, Pickit Business offers incredible images at a set price. But it doesn’t stop at sourcing. We’re also the only image service that’s integrated with Microsoft Office, so you can find the perfect pic without even opening a new tab.


3. Pickit puts legal content at your team’s fingertips

Pickit puts legal content at your team’s fingertips

Nothing suffocates creativity faster than copyright jargon. But with Pickit Business, there’s absolutely no need to worry about that. As all of our images are Legally Cleared, you can rest safe in the knowledge that all of your pictures are 100% safe. Leaving your team plenty of time to flex those creative muscles.




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