3 habits of the best brand managers

Most of us have heard a lot about the habits of highly successful entrepreneurs–get up at the crack of dawn, take risks, work hard, and play harder. But what about best practices of the best brand managers? What is it that separates the wheat from the chaff in the world of marketing? And most importantly, how can you get to the top? 


Know Your Customer

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The best brand managers know their audience like the back of their hand. How? They use every marketing tool available to find out exactly what makes their customer tick. And no, don’t worry, we're not talking about stalking or psychological trickery.

Instead, use a good helping of empathy to get to know your customer. Even better, walk a mile in their shoes. Imagine what they think as they encounter your brand for the first time. Are they impressed? Bored? Confused? Even if you need to employ the help of a focus group, or even crowdsource feedback–seeing the customer experience from a new viewpoint will help you create a brand that pushes all the right buttons.


Embrace Technology

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To be a top brand manager, you’ve got to be a trendspotter. Keeping on top of the latest trends in marketing helps you stay on top of the game, while also making it easier to connect with your customers. So whether it’s an all-new analytical tool or the hottest new social media channel, make sure you’ve got it covered.

But why all the fuss about tech? Well, it’s the brand managers with the know-how when it comes to understanding people’s interests who also tend to cater the most relevant goods and services. And with so many new marketing tools on the market, there’s really no excuse for ignorance anymore. Now you can access real-time info with increasingly sophisticated analytics, making it easier to connect with customers across channels and touchpoints.

New tech doesn’t just help you get inside the heads of your customer–it bridges the gap between strategy and creativity too. Once you’ve figured out your demographic and brainstormed your next campaign, tools like Pixel help you find the perfect visuals. All that’s left to do is share it with your followers.


Go Back To Basics

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The best brands are the simple ones. They know what they are, they know what they do, and they know what makes them unique. And the best brand managers know that they should keep it that way.

So whatever you do, don’t be tempted to overcomplicate things. Figure out the USP of the brand–or the thing that keeps people coming back for more–and focus on that. With such a wealth of new technologies, new communication platforms and new competition, it can be tempting to add a few more bells and whistles to your strategy. But remember what you’ve been taught–in the world of marketing, less is always more.

And remember, this simplicity should run all the way through the customer experience, from your value proposition to your website’s UX.

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