10 ways Pickit can help your creative agency

Being creative isn’t just about coming up with great ideas. Even the most unique and dynamic agencies need structure to grow and flourish.

The demands of business today means being creative and coming up with cool ideas is no longer enough. You need to support your creative ideas with a defined framework for seeing it through from inception to delivery.

Pickit’s Business solution can play a part in that. From organizing your company’s images to streamlining your stock photo search, there are loads of ways we can help you be your best. In other words: Pickit helps teams be more creative than ever before while executing with more speed.


1) Pre-approve collections of content

Don’t let a bad picture ruin your brand image. With Pickit Enterprise you can pre-approve a collection before it goes out to your team, giving you more creative agency over the images your customers see.

2) Get organized

Nothing slows down productivity more than a messy filing system. So clear the clutter with Pickit Enterprise. Designed to simplify digital asset management, it’ll help you  organize your images and make it easy to discover that perfect snap.

3) Endless images at your fingertips

Stock images tend to range from the boring to the downright terrible. But done right, they can bring your content to life.

Unlike other Digital Asset Management systems (DAMs), Pickit Enterprise has a built-in image bank, making us the world’s first plug & play image service. Our Photo Market offers a curated collection of the best stock images from around the web, helping you find the perfect picture in minutes.  


4) Find the perfect shot with Photo Missions

Imagine being able to request a custom photo from 10,000 photographers around the world, each with their own backgrounds, styles, and talents. Our Photo Missions feature lets you do just that. All you have to do is put out your own unique photo request. Our photographers do the rest.

5) Track and record your content use

We know that creative agencies aren’t just about creating beautiful content. Succeeding as an agency means bettingserious about data too. That’s why Pickit Enterprise comes with a powerful Analytics feature, letting you track the performance of your content from start to finish.

6) Request, review and deliver on collaborative projects

Creativity feeds off collaboration. But sometimes it seems like tech gets in the way of sharing your ideas. Not so with Pickit. We’ve made it easy to communicate on a project, whether it’s reviewing your team’s work, or sharing ideas on visuals.

7) Repurpose content easily

There’s nothing more satisfying than a good upcycling project, and repurposing content via Pickit is no different. We’ve made it easier than ever before to find old images and give them a new lease of life.

8) Stay in budget

Pickit puts an end to the days of sourcing images from multiple sources and racking up big bills in the process. Instead, you can find everything you’re looking for in one place, for a fixed cost. Not only that, but our analytics tools mean you can make sure your content is always paying its way.

9) Put your copyright fears behind you

The world of copyright law is a confusing one, and to be honest, we’d rather not mess with it. Luckily, Pickit’s unique Legally Cleared process enables you to be creative without worrying about breaking the law. Our automated copyright permissions mean content is always 100% legal for your teams to use. What’s more, we reward the image providers along the way. Win-win.

10) Let your creative side loose

Last but not least, our huge image bank lets you get back to doing what you do best: getting creative. With thousands of unique pictures at your fingertips in our Market–and an unlimited variety available through our Photo Missions–you can let your creativity loose.



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