10 free clipart images for your next PowerPoint

Most of us probably have pretty mixed feelings about Clipart. Immensely practical and incredibly cheesy all at once. Whether you were a fan, a hater, or both, the thing had simply passed it's use-by date. 

That said, our consumption of images just keep increasing, and these days, using visuals in order to get your message across is more or less a must.  

So, we've taken the same idea and updated it. With Pickit, you can get unlimited royalty free images right inside PowerPoint and Word. But before you start having traumatic flashbacks of black and white stick people all over the school bulletin, think again. These are up-to-date icons, illustrations and clipart images for 2017, worthy of any Word doc, presentation or spreadsheet. 

See for yourself...




10 icons for your next powerpoint presentation_1.png

1. Thinking

Great ideas are more often the result of some serious pondering than a sudden brainwave. So scrap the classic light bulb free clipart and show those hard-working brain cogs instead.





2. Technology10 icons for your next powerpoint presentation_2.png

Gone are the days of the clunky desktop PC, so why do they still feature
in our free clipart? When talking about tech, ditch the old school hardware for the latest mobile technology.






3. Winning10 icons for your next powerpoint presentation_3.png

Talking about your team’s latest successes? Or motivating the troops for the launch of a new marketing strategy? Either way, make sure you represent that winning streak in the best way possible. We love this simple medal free clipart. Gold, of course.



4. Career10 icons for your next powerpoint presentation_4.png

Presentations about careers don’t have to be all work and no play. We have colorful free clipart portraying some of the most instantly recognizable jobs while leaving room for a little fun as well.





5. The World10 icons for your next powerpoint presentation_5.png

The world is a complex place. So to get a handle on it, sometimes it’s easier to zoom out. These pocket-sized globe clipart may be small, but they do an excellent job of representing planet Earth.






Get free access to these images and many more right inside the app for PowerPoint or Word by downloading Pickit Free Images



6. Communication10 icons for your next powerpoint presentation_6.png

Channels of communication are constantly changing. From video conferencing to social media platforms, there are more ways to communicate than ever before. Why not reflect this in your free clipart with these playful takes on new technology and classic office spreadsheets?




7. The Environment10 icons for your next powerpoint presentation_7.png

Nothing livens up an environmental talk quite like some cute critters. As adorable as they are eye-catching, these animals cliparts are the perfect way of injecting a little charm into a presentation.





8. Innovation And Research10 icons for your next powerpoint presentation_8.png

Research is all about pushing new boundaries—whether it’s in the lab or in outer space. So why not look to the stars when choosing your innovative cliparts?






9. Food10 icons for your next powerpoint presentation_9.png

Food should be a feast for the eyes, as well as the stomach. And we think these tempting free cliparts fit the bill. Celebrating food from around the world, they’re great companions for any culinary presentation.




10. People10 icons for your next powerpoint presentation_10.png

It can be tricky to represent people using clipart images, but we think this collection does a pretty amazing job. They’re simple, and they sum up the diversity of modern society. Oh, and they’re rather cute too.




Get free access to these images and many more right inside the app for PowerPoint or Word by downloading Pickit Free Images below. 



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