10 best images for inspirational presentations

We all know what it feels like to sit through a presentation that’s too long, too complicated, and too boring. But nothing gets the eyes a-glazing quite like a tired visual cliché. You know the ones–a bullseye to represent a goal; a key to symbolize security; a handshake to represent an agreement. Yep, mind-numbing stuff.
So when you want your presentation to inspire others, you’ve got to get creative. Think original icons, unique infographics, and thought-provoking photos–anything that’ll grab your audience’s attention.

To put you on track to presentation success, we’ve put together a roundup of some of the best images for inspirational presentations–all available on the Pickit platform.

1. Be strong

10 Best Images For Inspirational Presentations_1.jpg


If you're talking about strength, do yourself a favor and steer clear of bulging muscles and clenched fists. Your message is most likely not about physical physique at all, but mental resilience and having the strength to weather the storm. So why not use a photo of just that? Lashing rain, bolts of lightning, and grey clouds can all be refreshing metaphors for the inner turmoil we all experience at one time or another.


2. New beginnings10 Best Images For Inspirational Presentations_2.jpg


Nothing says new start quite like a sunrise. Not only does it symbolize a new day, but also a new opportunity to put past worries behind us and move forward. Sunrises are also spectacular–injecting a welcome shot of color into your presentation.


3. Make a wish10 Best Images For Inspirational Presentations_3-3 (1)

Inspirational people always think big. So to represent your ambitions, look to the night’s sky. Wishing upon a star may not be how business works, but it symbolizes the hopes and dreams behind any successful company.


4. Success is child’s play10 Best Images For Inspirational Presentations_4.jpg

The world’s most successful people don’t spend their lives chained to their desks. They might work hard, but they also take time out for exploring new places, socializing and having fun. So use playful images to demonstrate the importance of downtime–not just for relaxation, but for inspiring creativity too.




5. If at first you don’t succeed…

10 Best Images For Inspirational Presentations_5.jpg


Sporting heroes often make the best motivational speakers. That’s because they know that persistence, commitment, and plain old hard work is at the heart of success. So draw on sporting metaphors and images when motivating your team. Just one thing to remember: stay away from those cliched training montages. Yep, Rocky has a lot to answer for.



6. Never let go of your dreams

10 Best Images For Inspirational Presentations_6.jpg


There’s nothing more inspirational than seeing others follow their dreams, whatever stage they’re at in life. So use your images to inspire others to follow their passions–whether it’s starting their own business or traveling the world. Just remember the famous expression: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”


7. A goal without a plan is just a wish

10 Best Images For Inspirational Presentations_7-3

It’s all well and good telling people that the world’s their oyster, but it’s just as important to make it clear that success doesn’t always come easy. No goals are ever met without a few tears, some hard graft, and a really epic game plan.



8. In union there is strength

10 Best Images For Inspirational Presentations_8.jpg

Teamwork and solidarity are common themes in motivational presentations. But stay away from cliché stock images of smiling, suited and booted office workers. Instead, choose an image that actually reflects your team, in all its diverse (and sometimes dysfunctional) glory. 


9. Life’s a roller coaster

10 Best Images For Inspirational Presentations_9.jpg


The best inspirational presentations aren’t just about promising success. They’re also about accepting the setbacks life throws at you–and having the strength to move forward. So use bright, vibrant photos to illustrate that life is indeed a roller coaster–you can either scream every time you hit a bump, or you can throw your hands in the air and enjoy the ride. 


10. Believe in yourself

10 Best Images For Inspirational Presentations_10.jpg

Self-belief. It’s what turns dreams into reality. So inspire your audience with photos of soaring kites, endless horizons, and the expansive night sky. Make it clear that with enough passion, talent, and hard work, anything is possible.


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